Electric train

The term ” electric train ” refers to a train powered by electricity , whether “real” or a model.

Real Train

From 1882, the term electric train is used while it is envisaged to use electricity to move trains using accumulators 1 . In October 1903 , several German experimental railcars exceeded 200 km / h 2 . In 1924, the term “electric train” is used to talk about real trains electrically driven 3 . Continue Reading “Electric train”

Toy train

toy train is a miniature reproduction of a train or element of a train ( locomotive , towed equipment …) as a toy . This toy train is intended to circulate on a miniature railway and to reproduce the principle of operation of real trains during a game session: trips from one station to another, maneuvers, exchanges of cars. Its propulsion is generally ensured by a unique system: electricity , steam (” carpet railways ” of the Victorian era ), mechanical system, by hand … Continue Reading “Toy train”


Rosny-Rail is a railway museum located in the station of Rosny-sous-Bois ( Seine-Saint-Denis ).

The museum is organized around different themes: the history of the railway, the way, the signaling, the rolling stock, etc. A dozen have been built according to a thematic and chronological breakdown of major rail functions of the late xix th century to the present day 1 . Continue Reading “Rosny-Rail”

Railway Models

Templates Ferroviaires is a French magazine founded in 2008 by Christian Fournereau and Denis Fournier Le Ray belonging to the group LR Press which deals with themes around model railroading . It is aimed at model builders. Regular contributors to the journal include Ivan Bory (scale 0), Jean Cantaloube (scale N), Patrick Fastelli (scale H0), Aurélien Prévot (scale H0). Continue Reading “Railway Models”


The term ferrovipathe (in British English, ” trainspotter ” in American English , ” railfan “), refers to a passionate train and the railway world. The ferrovipathe is devoted to one or more fields: observation, recordings of compositions and photography of trains; railway heritage management : historical work and archiving, restoration of old trains (including steam locomotives), collection of trains or railway parts; model railroad … Continue Reading “railfan”

Faller (model making)

Faller (full name Gebrüder Faller Gmbh ) is a German company for the creation and manufacture of models at different scales ( HO , N, Z) and decorative elements for model railroad network , military model making and fairground model making. The company Faller has also developed for the rail networks the Car-System allowing to evolve on the miniature networks, in addition to trains, road vehicles. Continue Reading “Faller (model making)”

Keys for the miniature train

Keys for the miniature train is a French magazine founded in 2012 1 , 2 by Christian Fournereau and François Fontana belonging to the group LR Press which deals with themes around model rail . Aimed at beginners in model railroading, it is a partner of the FFMF on the occasion of numerous exhibitions 3 , 4 . It is distributed by subscription and is available in over 7,000 points of sale 5 . The first issues were launched at a price of 2.90 euros 6 . Since the n ° 17 (January-February 2015), the selling price is 3.60 euros7 . The current editor is Denis Fournier Le Ray. Among the journal’s regular contributors are Daniel Aurillo, Philippe Cousyn, François Fontana, François Fouger, Christophe Franchini, Pierre Julien, Aurélien Prévot … Continue Reading “Keys for the miniature train”

Window of the World

Window of the World (in Chinese : 世界之窗, Window of the World ) is a theme park located in the Overseas Chinese Town area west of Shenzhen City in the People’s Republic of China . Like its neighbor Happy Valley , it is owned by Overseas Chinese Town Holding Company . The park, with a surface of 480,000 2 , includes about 130 reproductions of famous tourist attractions most of the world. The 108 meters of the reproduction of the Eiffel Tower dominate the horizon, while the pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal are close to each other. Continue Reading “Window of the World”

Splendid China Folk Village

Splendid China Folk Village ( Simplified Chinese : 锦绣 中华 民俗 村, pinyin : Zhǐnghuá Mínsú Cūn ) is a theme park located in Shenzhen , China . It offers two sections: Splendid China Miniature Park and China Folk Culture Village . They were independent until 2003 when they were united to form Splendid China Folk Village . The theme of the park reflects the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, customs and traditions of different ethnic Chinese. Developed and managed by the China Travel Services tourism companyit is one of the largest landscaped parks in the world. The park covers 30 hectares. It also hosts several shows illustrating various events in the history of China . Continue Reading “Splendid China Folk Village”

Portugal dos Pequenitos

Portugal dos Pequenitos (translation: “Portugal of Tiny”) is a thematic park in Portugal , designed and built as a playful, educational and touristic space to show Portuguese cultural and heritage aspects. It was built in the city of Coimbra and was opened on. Since 1959, the park has been part of the Bissaya Barreto Foundation, which has been sponsoring it . Continue Reading “Portugal dos Pequenitos”


Lilleputthammer is a miniature park and amusement park located in the commune of Øyer , 20 km north of Lillehammer , close to the European Route 6 . The miniature park built in 1982 consists of a copy of the main street of Lillehammer in the 1900s. It was built on a scale of 1: 4. Over the years, the park has had a number of mechanical attractions such as a carousel , a ferris wheel and a junior roller coaster . Continue Reading “Lilleputthammer”

France Miniature

France miniature is a ” miniature park ” located near Paris , in Elancourt , in Yvelines , opened since 1991 .


117 monuments and French sites are reproduced in miniature in scale 1/30 th of an area of five hectares landscaped shaped map of France with pools to the locations of seas and oceans border the Hexagon and a island of Corsica (whose distance to the “coasts” of miniature France does not respect the scale). Continue Reading “France Miniature”

Catalunya in Miniatura

Catalunya en Miniatura ( Catalonia in Miniature ) is a miniature park opened in 1983 in Torrelles de Llobregat , 17 km from Barcelona . With an area of 60,000 square metersincluding 35,000 square meters dedicated to models, this is one of the largest miniature parks. It presents scale models of 147 works of Calatan and Majorcan architecture , including works by Antoni Gaudí . Continue Reading “Catalunya in Miniatura”

Miniature Ardeche

The Garden of the Ardéchois Trains, SARL Ardèche Miniatures, is a miniature park located on the commune of Soyons , in Ardèche .

This park, created by a retired SNCF agent and model train enthusiast, presents miniatures of the region’s trains and trams ( Vivarais Railway ), all in a decor and decorated with models of buildings and caravans. natural elements (vegetation, rocks, streams, …) of the Ardèche . Continue Reading “Miniature Ardeche”


The Draguar is an imaginary miniature car model, created by the British toy house Matchbox , owned by the Lesney group .

The vehicle is a hybrid of the very real Jaguar Type D and Type E cars , and a fictional dragster , sporting an imposing front engine. It is surmounted by a plastic bubble revealing the interior of the cabin (bubble sometimes colorless, sometimes yellow). It is reproduced approximately to scale 1/ 64 th . Continue Reading “Draguar”


Car-Horse (often typographed in capitals) is a French brand of miniature vehicles .


It was in 1919 that Albert Hubert created Modern Joinery, which became a wooden toy company. He has the idea in 1930 to use wood to make 1/43 scale cars, with lead wheels. He thinks it is a guarantee of robustness and gives the name of Car-Horse (small Anglo-Saxon wink) and which can also be understood in “Coach”. The first Car-Horse miniature vehicles were released in 1931 ; these are truck toys ( Berliet , Bernard Group , Renault , Citroën ). Continue Reading “Car-Horse”

Majorette (company)

Majorette is a French brand of miniature cars .

Characterized by their small size and weight rather high, scale ranges from 1/55 th to 1/100 th , and in fact most of the toys scale models.

Made in zamak and plastic, these miniature cars arrived on the market at prices that competed with the productions of Norev and Dinky Toys , to a lesser fidelity, but they had an enormous success, so much so that Majorette was quickly the first producer of French miniatures. Continue Reading “Majorette (company)”

Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys is a toy brand created in 1934 in the United Kingdom . The toys are then made in the UK and France by Meccano Ltd. , which produced miniature cars first of lead then zamac , but also some trains, planes, boats and various figurines and road accessories. The brand was very successful during the years 1950 to 1970 . It has since been bought by other toy brands. Continue Reading “Dinky Toys”

Ship model La Flore

La Flore is a ship model exhibited at the Musée National de la Marine in Paris. It is about a frigate of 18 guns realized in 1806 and which reproduces on a reduced scale the frigate of the same name built between 1804 and 1807 in Rochefort according to the plans of Pierre Rolland. The Flora bears witness to the type of frigate built at that time, with more than 146 models of this class built between 1781 and 1813 1 .

Ship model La Bayadère

The Bayadère is a ship model exhibited at the National Maritime Museum in Rochefort . It is a big corvette to fellows (the battery deck is covered at the front and back by fellows) of 22 guns. It was manufactured between 1814and 1817 at the workshop of models of Paris and the workshop of the arsenal of Rochefort according to the plans of François Poncet and Jacques Noël Sané Continue Reading “Ship model La Bayadère”

Pop-pop boat

pop-pop boat is a small toy boat propelled by a rudimentary steam engine , typically heated by a candle. This toy was invented in the 1890s by the French engineer Désiré Thomas Piot and it was later perfected. Very fashionable in Europe and the United States at the beginning of xx th century, this toy inexpensive and easy to build is still common in our time in some countries (Asia, South America). Continue Reading “Pop-pop boat”

Dragonfly (radio controlled helicopter)

Dragonfly ( “Dragonfly” in English ) is a series of radio controlled helicopters electric manufactured in China by Walkera . It is a small model and low price. There are Dragonfly 22 , 35 , 36 , 40 , 60 , 37 , 5 # 4 , 39 , 45 , 53 and 4 . The radio control controls the power of the engine, the inclination of the helicopter to the right, left, forward, backward, and rotation on itself. Continue Reading “Dragonfly (radio controlled helicopter)”

Flight of slope

The flight slope , also called Soaring , or surf tunes , is a technique gliding without towing or winching or engine. When a valley breeze encounters a relief, it rises generating a dynamic updraft , which accumulates most of the time in the mountains with thermal updrafts . By staying in this very holding region, the gliding, a RC glider , glider , glider or gliding may remain in the air all the time will this dynamic. Continue Reading “Flight of slope”

Gradient flight

The dynamic soaring (or Dynamic soaring) is a flight technique used to make the energy passing through repeatedly the boundary between two air masses having different speeds. Such areas of significant wind speed gradient are either near the ground or in an area protected by an obstacle such as at the back of a hill. Therefore this technique is used mainly by birds or radio-controlled gliders. However, glider pilots like Ingo Renner have been able to use it. The maximum speed reported by radio-controlled glider pilots is 500 miles per hour or about 800 km / h . Continue Reading “Gradient flight”

Radio controlled glider

radio-controlled glider is a scale model of glider , remote controlled from the ground.

A glider is an aerodyne devoid of engine . Glider practice is gliding . It is an aircraft equipped with lift planes with significant elongation conferring a very low glide angle. It is controlled by mastering the three axes of roll , pitch and yaw . Gliders can be put in the air in four different ways. The most common is towing by an aircraft called tug, throwing it by hand (for hand-launched gliders)), the third less common is the winch and finally more rarely, by its own means thanks to a motor is fixed or (most often) retractable. These are motorgliders . An action on the remote control makes it possible to turn off the engine once at altitude, or even to restart it. Continue Reading “Radio controlled glider”


Pixhawk is an independent project that aims to provide high-end, low-cost or reasonable pilot control equipment (autopilot) to university, recreation and industrial user communities. This is an Opensource computer hardware development project (made available or sold under open license ” Creative commons cc-by-sa 3.0″). Continue Reading “Pixhawk”