World Model Making

The Mondial du Modélisme is a show held at the Bourget Exhibition Center or at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in France .

Formerly Salon de la Maquette and Model Reduced , then World Model and Model Reduced , it becomes the World Modeling in 2007, on the occasion of his trip to the exhibition park of Le Bourget .

The show consists of exhibitors offering their products, sometimes with demonstrations. Continue Reading “World Model Making”

Military modelism

The military model , or military model making , is a leisure (some say an art ) of reproducing a scale given one or more elements of an armed force (mainly aircraft and armored vehicles ). It can therefore be a single reproduced element or a whole scene reproducing a real or fictional battle. The model can be represented for itself or staged on a diorama .

The most common scales are 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35. Continue Reading “Military modelism”

Railway Model Making

The model railway is a business model on trains and railway world , especially their reproduction according to a scale and a set theme and their exploitation .

It is about the evolution of the simple game with a miniature train or the act of the electric train : the goal is to constitute a realistic model on which the trains will be the central subject. Railway modelism then consists, for most of its practitioners, to build a network (sometimes improperly called ” circuit “) arranged and decorated, on which the model maker will circulate his trains based on the reality of the railway world. Continue Reading “Railway Model Making”

Automotive modelism

The automobile model (or automodélisme) is the business model that focuses on the breeding of model cars .

The activity of the amateurs separates rather clearly in categories close but disjoined:

  • The static models

Cars of variable size, often called miniature cars where the quality of reproduction goes from the toy style to real models whose visual rendering is most realistic, which may include moving or articulated parts such as the doors or the trunk. These models can be put in situation by being incorporated in dioramas . Continue Reading “Automotive modelism”

Mathematical model (object)

mathematical model is a model of a geometric form , most often made for a pedagogical approach.


Mathematical models are mainly made during the xix th century educational purposes, to help visualize mathematical surfaces (mainly cubic and quadric ) 3 . The models reproduce in space shapes that can be difficult to grasp on paper or on a simple blackboard and allow to illustrate their properties concretely 4 , 5 . The methods of realization vary: sculptures in plasteror in wood, surfaces materialized by tensioned wires (especially for the regulated surfaces ), etc. Continue Reading “Mathematical model (object)”

Brendel Models

The models called ” models Brendel ” (the family name of their manufacturers) are models or models of high aesthetic quality, science and technology, imitating and with so greatly enlarged some taxa or bodies plants considered representative of the great floristic groups : Algae , Bryophytes , ferns , angiosperms , as well as some fungi selected in the fungal kingdom (mycology was once part of botany). Continue Reading “Brendel Models”


The Mini-Zs are 1:28 scale radio controlled cars created and manufactured by the Japanese company Kyosho . Although at first glance they might be thought of as mere toys by the “plastic” appearance of the chassis, it is a category of self-propelled model making, and even one of the least expensive categories. The car is most often delivered as a kit RTR (ready to roll) with its basic radio control (type “gun” with steering wheel on the side), and it only needs to add batteries or accumulators to roll it. Continue Reading “MiniZ”


Micromodels is the generic name for a series of miniature cardboard models that were published in the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1956 .

The concept was created by Geoffrey Heighway in 1940 during the Second World War to find a creative derivative to the suffering of bombed British cities. The principle was to propose very small models of cardboard to cut and to mount and taking only very little place as well not cut as assembled. Continue Reading “Micromodels”


The micro-model is a leisure which is similar to models and dedicated to the design, manufacture and control of models very small. The most accomplished objects have a mass not exceeding a few grams and measure only a few centimeters in length. Often, micro-models are the objects that can fit in one hand and have a motor system that allows them to move independently. Micro-modeling is therefore distinguished in this sense models , which remain static. Continue Reading “Micro-model”

Micro rocket

micro rocket is a mini rocket experiment that allows you to learn safely the parameters that govern the flight of a rocket. They are powered by a powder micro-propellant.

The micro rockets can climb up to 200 meters before descending to the ground with or without parachute . Thus, safely, different models of rockets can be tested to understand, by practice, the laws of aerodynamics . Continue Reading “Micro rocket”

Matchbox (company)

Matchbox is a brand of toys – and formerly board games – belonging to the Mattel Group .


The Matchbox name appears in 1953 as a trademark of British toy Lesney , founded by the dregs Smith ( 6 March 1918 – 26 May 2005 ) and Rod ney Smith. The two men were not of the same family, despite their common name. They were school friends and had served together in the Royal Navy during the Second World War . Continue Reading “Matchbox (company)”

Plastic model

The plastic model is a miniature model most often presented as a kit to mount and decorate oneself. It is generally produced by injection molding of polystyrene or by thermoforming resin. It often features elements made from other materials such as rubber or metal used for photoetching of hard-to-reproduce molded plastic details. Continue Reading “Plastic model”

Cardboard model

The cardboard model uses paper and cardboard , materials that are easy to implement, to make various objects ( cardboard ) like models .

For this it is necessary to realize, on the sheets of paper or cardboard, the “plan development” of the object to be built: it is in a way the 2D pattern of the 3D object which is assimilated to an assembly of developable surfaces . Continue Reading “Cardboard model”


model is a partial or complete representation of a system or object (existing or planned) in order to test and validate certain aspects and / or behavior (functional model), or simply for fun purposes (model play) or informative (educational or commercial presentation of an achievement or project). The model can be made in two or three dimensions, on a given scale , most often reduced or enlarged to facilitate visualization or manipulation. Continue Reading “Model”


doll’s house is a house made in model , to accommodate dolls . Originally intended as a game for children , their construction and collection have also become a hobby for some adults .

The history of modern dolls houses dating back to the thumbnail windows of the xvi th century in Europe that showed idealized interiors. Smaller doll houses, with more realistic interiors, then appeared in Europe in the xviii th century. They were handmade, but after the Industrial Revolution and the Second World War , factories began mass-manufacturing more standardized and cheaper dollhouses. Continue Reading “Dollhouse”

Toy of Paris

JEP (registered trademark) is a contraction of Jouet de Paris . It was created in 1920 to designate the toys produced by the Société Industriel de Ferblanterie (SIF) in activity since 1909. A brand Jouet de Paris existed however before the 1920s, and worked to manufacture helmets Adrian during the First World War ref.  desired] .

The most famous activities of this brand (which has however also manufactured dolls) were cars and model trains . Continue Reading “Toy of Paris”

Naturalistic illustration

The naturalistic illustration is a discipline at once artistic and scientific , which gathers traditionally and for several centuries

  • the botanical illustration , which once included subjects mycological ;
  • the anatomical illustration .

The first concerns the zoology , the botany and the human body , but in the xix th century authors like Eugène Freiherr von Ransonnet-Villez is also interested in the underwater world, and from the xviii th century, biologists publish an increasing number drawings made using the microscope . Continue Reading “Naturalistic illustration”

Heller (model making)

Heller is a French brand of plastic scale models mainly at scales 1/400 e , 1/125 e , 1/72 e and 1/35 e scale and scale 1/72 e . Founded in 1957 by Leo Jahiel in Paris, she has been living in Trun (Normandy) since 1963.


Faced with the success of the forerunners such as Airfix in the 1950s, Heller is the first French brand to compete in the production of polystyrene models . Continue Reading “Heller (model making)”

Food Hall

The Halle aux Vivres is a French museum located in the citadel-museum of Brouage , today one of the high places of tourism of Charente-Maritime 1 where 500 000 visitors roam the streets of Brouage every year which enjoys the prestigious status of Grand national site since 1989 2 . Continue Reading “Food Hall”


The term Gunpla refers to models of mecha, characters or plastic vehicles from the Japanese franchise Gundam and marketed by Bandai ; it results from the contraction of ” Gundam plastic model “. Appeared in 1980 , the Gunpla is gradually becoming a big success in Japan to the point of largely dominate the market at present. The term also refers to the assembly of the models itself. Continue Reading “Gunpla”

Christmas crib

In the Catholic religion , the Christmas crib is staged in various three-dimensional arts (mainly sculpture and theater) of the Nativity , that is, the birth of Jesus of Nazareth , in the form of immutable characters, with in the first place the Holy Family and especially the Child Jesus in the manger (which means a manger ) of a stable or a cave. This original iconography is gradually enriched with different scenic formulas, characters ( shepherds , angels , Magi) and animals (oxen, donkey, sheep, camels) surrounding the naked Child Jesus in his trough, cradle or straw. The Christmas crib can be static, mechanical or living . Construction or occasional and transient representation, associated traditionally with the Christmas parties , it is more rarely a permanent and irremovable reproduction. Continue Reading “Christmas crib”

RC Drift

The RC drift is the fact to practice drifting with a radio controlled car .

The car is equipped with low friction tires and is configured to facilitate skidding and control. The radio-controlled drift requires skill and a good knowledge of his car. The practice is usually done with a four-wheel drive chassis to scale 1/10 th . However, there are smaller models to 1/12 th and 1/24 th to practice very easily indoors and outdoors. Continue Reading “RC Drift”


The diorama is a system of presentation by scenario or staging of an exhibition model (a historical character, fictional, an extinct animal or still alive in our era …), making it appear in its usual environment 1 .

It is a mode of reconstruction of a scene (historical, naturalistic, geological or even religious) in volume 2 (at least for the main subject placed in the center of the stage). Continue Reading “Diorama”


The Depron or Depron is the trade name for a plastic light. It consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS), obtained by extrusion (PSX). Thanks to its very fine foam, it allows to shape plates and thin sheets.

The Depron brand belongs to the Dutch company Depron BV It produces plates for the thermal insulation of machines and buildings. They are also used in air model making , model railroading and all creative leisure because they are light and inexpensive. Some signs for signage or graphic activity are coated with a smooth sheet like the “featherboard”. Continue Reading “Depron”

Cox (engines)

The Cox engines are internal combustion engines used in the model . LM Cox Manufacturing Co., Inc. was founded in 1945 to be resold in 1996 in Estes, which will cease production in 2009. When they stopped producing their engines, the remaining parts stock was resold to a buyer private Canadian, and starts producing parts again, Cox International. Continue Reading “Cox (engines)”

Industrial toy company

The Industrial Company of the toy ( ICJ ) is a miniature toy manufacturer established in 1920 1 by Fernand Migault (rue de la Roquette in Paris ).


Faced with the success of the “Industrial Toy Company” and the need to expand, Fernand Migault, good salesman and manager, joins his cousin Marcel Gourdet, excellent technician 2 , who ran a boiler workshop, road ‘Ousson in Briare , and thus founded the Migault SA establishments in 1927 . Continue Reading “Industrial toy company”

Electric road circuit

The electric road circuit is in a way the application of the principle of electric train to miniature cars.


The English term, universally used by the amateurs, is slot racing (slot corresponding to groove in English), the purists consider that the slot racing has for origin the tracks in wood, and the circuits road the tracks in plastics.[personal interpretation] Continue Reading “Electric road circuit”

Circuit 24

The Circuit 24 is a circuit for miniature cars created in 1961 by Étienne Jouët and his Factory à idées.

The success was phenomenal and the name became a generic for an electric road circuit from 1963.

Circuit 24 was broadcast in France and Great Britain by Meccano . Production was stopped in 1973 1 . Continue Reading “Circuit 24”

Dry brushing and wash

The dry brushing ( drybrush in English) is a technique painting on reliefs media, used in particular for miniature, realistic painting of models and modeling .

It consists of using a small quantity of almost dry paint and brushing the part to paint with a brush with more or less hard bristles. The paint is deposited at the top of the reliefs and then reveals the details with more clarity. By using a clear paint, we can achieve a semblance of lighting reliefs, and bring out the details and edges of the model. Continue Reading “Dry brushing and wash”

Bottled boat

bottle vessel is a miniature representation of vessel enclosed in a bottle of glass , serving as an object of decoration . They are often seen at antique dealers and antique dealers .

Very common during the xx th century , these representations were often the testimony of a sailor who wanted to show her around the ship on which he sailed. The lighthouse keepers also used to make bottled boats, or used bulbs from the lighthouse. Continue Reading “Bottled boat”

Aircraft Armored Models

Airplanes Armored Models Magazine was a French magazine of the 1990s devoted to plastic models.


Airplanes, Armored, Mock- ups Magazine was a quarterly magazine devoted to mock-ups whose favorite subjects revolved around planes and armored vehicles , not forgetting other vehicles such as motor vehicles as suggested by its subtitle of “Magazine”. visual for any model maker. It came in the form of an A4 glossy magazine . The o 1 was released in March 1990, the final copy o 33 is dated March 1998. There are at least 5 special issues, the first dating back to February 1992 was devoted to Daguet Operation (photos and text by Eric Micheletti). Continue Reading “Aircraft Armored Models”

amateur rocketry

The amateur rocketry is a hobby that involves making models of rockets and, most often, to make them fly. The modeller will focus on “real” space rockets , which he will make as faithful reproductions as possible. The “technician”, meanwhile, will focus on creating and flying rockets.

Of course, it is possible to combine these two activities, reproduction and flights. Continue Reading “amateur rocketry”


An aerocam is a system made up of a color or black-and-white photo or video camera, with or without audio, sometimes infrared, used from traditional aeronautical means, aircraft, for research applications of resources or aerial idenfications from a traditional analogue or digital camera.

The aerocam is also embedded in air models, aircraft model aircraft, drones , helicopters and rockets. There is the so-called wireless link dip solution operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands providing live and real-time aerial video shooting, or the solution with a time-lapse on-board recorder. . Continue Reading “AeroCam”

Scale models

The model is a branch of model making , defined as an activity of leisure consisting of the manufacture and control of scale models to a scale defined reduction.

The model has been the greatest antiquity (Sumerian toys), the novelty of modern times have been in the propulsion means, the sailboats of the xix th century to the Luxembourg Gardens to the electric UAV 2013: man has always found fun to reproduce his environment in a reduced model. So, for example, everywhere you meet cars , you see children having fun with toys that reproduce automobiles , and we meet car modeling enthusiasts all over the world. Continue Reading “Scale models”


By modeling it is generally understood sense, consisting craft creating prototypes using various manuals, which will function to act as a “model” for industrial production. Typically said models have been used to obtain a mold. The figure of the model maker is disappearing, replaced by the machines to which a numerical model from a CAD system can be provided .

The modelismo , a more common sense, is also a hobby consisting of building and eventually lead (dynamic modeling) reproductions in miniature of machines, people or buildings. Originally comes from the custom of certain craftsmen of past centuries, especially furniture, to build small-scale examples of their products, to be able to show them to their customers without having to actually build them before receiving the order.

Modeling as a hobby can be divided into:

  • Dynamic: Scale models that move and direct remotely like airplanes and vehicles. Here the amateurs seek to maneuver the model more skillfully and achieve maximum control of the device.
  • Static: Scale models with great detail whose purpose is to appreciate them without movement. For amateurs or professionals of static modeling, each model represents a “museum piece”, thus creating its own private collections that can have different themes: Historical Belicism, Civil Engineering, Science Fiction, etc. Here the fans seek to represent in scale the most realistic possible form of the original model. For this last it is incorrect to consider as models static scale models Continue Reading “Modeling”