Arnold (model making)

Arnold is a German toy company founded in Nuremberg on October 4, 1906 . It passed under the control of Rivarossi after Cessation of payments , before joining the band Hornby in 2004 .


Specializing in tinplate toys , she also produced boats and dollhouses until World War II when the factory was totally destroyed.

She is best known for launching in 1962 the range of model trains Arnold Rapido scale of 1: 160 with a track gauge of 9 mm : this was the birth of the scale N .

From 1960 to 1962, the production consisted of a range of small trains “Rapido 200”, scale 1: 200, rather toy train than model train.

But, from 1962 , the company turned to the production of real miniature trains and established itself as the reference production N from 1970 . In 1964 , the N scale was recognized as the NEM standard and later it was the “Rapido hitch” which was chosen as the European standard of the ladder.

In 1995, the firm was bought by Rivarossi and in 2004 by Hornby PLC . The production is now made in China .

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