amateur rocketry

The amateur rocketry is a hobby that involves making models of rockets and, most often, to make them fly. The modeller will focus on “real” space rockets , which he will make as faithful reproductions as possible. The “technician”, meanwhile, will focus on creating and flying rockets.

Of course, it is possible to combine these two activities, reproduction and flights. Continue Reading “amateur rocketry”


An aerocam is a system made up of a color or black-and-white photo or video camera, with or without audio, sometimes infrared, used from traditional aeronautical means, aircraft, for research applications of resources or aerial idenfications from a traditional analogue or digital camera.

The aerocam is also embedded in air models, aircraft model aircraft, drones , helicopters and rockets. There is the so-called wireless link dip solution operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands providing live and real-time aerial video shooting, or the solution with a time-lapse on-board recorder. . Continue Reading “AeroCam”

Scale models

The model is a branch of model making , defined as an activity of leisure consisting of the manufacture and control of scale models to a scale defined reduction.

The model has been the greatest antiquity (Sumerian toys), the novelty of modern times have been in the propulsion means, the sailboats of the xix th century to the Luxembourg Gardens to the electric UAV 2013: man has always found fun to reproduce his environment in a reduced model. So, for example, everywhere you meet cars , you see children having fun with toys that reproduce automobiles , and we meet car modeling enthusiasts all over the world. Continue Reading “Scale models”


By modeling it is generally understood sense, consisting craft creating prototypes using various manuals, which will function to act as a “model” for industrial production. Typically said models have been used to obtain a mold. The figure of the model maker is disappearing, replaced by the machines to which a numerical model from a CAD system can be provided .

The modelismo , a more common sense, is also a hobby consisting of building and eventually lead (dynamic modeling) reproductions in miniature of machines, people or buildings. Originally comes from the custom of certain craftsmen of past centuries, especially furniture, to build small-scale examples of their products, to be able to show them to their customers without having to actually build them before receiving the order.

Modeling as a hobby can be divided into:

  • Dynamic: Scale models that move and direct remotely like airplanes and vehicles. Here the amateurs seek to maneuver the model more skillfully and achieve maximum control of the device.
  • Static: Scale models with great detail whose purpose is to appreciate them without movement. For amateurs or professionals of static modeling, each model represents a “museum piece”, thus creating its own private collections that can have different themes: Historical Belicism, Civil Engineering, Science Fiction, etc. Here the fans seek to represent in scale the most realistic possible form of the original model. For this last it is incorrect to consider as models static scale models Continue Reading “Modeling”