Bottled boat

bottle vessel is a miniature representation of vessel enclosed in a bottle of glass , serving as an object of decoration . They are often seen at antique dealers and antique dealers .

Very common during the xx th century , these representations were often the testimony of a sailor who wanted to show her around the ship on which he sailed. The lighthouse keepers also used to make bottled boats, or used bulbs from the lighthouse.

The difficulty is to bring a sailboat with its sails through the neck of a bottle and that can justify the high price that is required. A common deception consists in cutting the bottle to place the boat there, then to pick up the piece by concealing the cut by an ornament, like a rolled rope.

The sailboat is assembled outside, all masts and shrouds are folded horizontally. The hull and its rigging are introduced into the bottle, and deployed inside using a string connected to the mast.

Bottled boats are made by navibotellists called botellists . The latter stage ships in a maritime environment and many other subjects – even without boats – but still inside a narrow-opening glass vessel.

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