Car-Horse (often typographed in capitals) is a French brand of miniature vehicles .


It was in 1919 that Albert Hubert created Modern Joinery, which became a wooden toy company. He has the idea in 1930 to use wood to make 1/43 scale cars, with lead wheels. He thinks it is a guarantee of robustness and gives the name of Car-Horse (small Anglo-Saxon wink) and which can also be understood in “Coach”. The first Car-Horse miniature vehicles were released in 1931 ; these are truck toys ( Berliet , Bernard Group , Renault , Citroën ).

The Car-Horse entity was created in 1932 and is dedicated solely to car toys. In 1938 some models platres and flours (plastiline) are manufactured, very close to CIJ models . It was in 1948 that Car-Horse began manufacturing bakelite models still at 1/43 , the models are sold at fairs and markets.

From 1956 , the miniature cars are Renault 4CV , Citroen Traction , Citroen DS 19 , Peugeot 203 … The miniatures are hollow without windows, without interiors, without floors, in the style of bazaar toys. In 1960 , Car-Horse launched a series of revolutionary resin for the time, which will subsequently be a great success. One of the peculiarities of some vehicles are very sought after by collectors.

When Albert Hubert died in 1968 , Car-Horse fell into oblivion. In 1992 , his grandson Christophe Hubert revived the Car-Horse miniature activity (resin kit models) under the company Sthubert92; in 2005 , it takes over Car-Horse’s business and brand with a complete 1/43 collection . It bought the Salza brand by integrating it as a range in the Car-Horse brand.

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