Dragonfly (radio controlled helicopter)

Dragonfly ( “Dragonfly” in English ) is a series of radio controlled helicopters electric manufactured in China by Walkera . It is a small model and low price. There are Dragonfly 22 , 35 , 36 , 40 , 60 , 37 , 5 # 4 , 39 , 45 , 53 and 4 . The radio control controls the power of the engine, the inclination of the helicopter to the right, left, forward, backward, and rotation on itself. Continue Reading “Dragonfly (radio controlled helicopter)”

Flight of slope

The flight slope , also called Soaring , or surf tunes , is a technique gliding without towing or winching or engine. When a valley breeze encounters a relief, it rises generating a dynamic updraft , which accumulates most of the time in the mountains with thermal updrafts . By staying in this very holding region, the gliding, a RC glider , glider , glider or gliding may remain in the air all the time will this dynamic. Continue Reading “Flight of slope”

Gradient flight

The dynamic soaring (or Dynamic soaring) is a flight technique used to make the energy passing through repeatedly the boundary between two air masses having different speeds. Such areas of significant wind speed gradient are either near the ground or in an area protected by an obstacle such as at the back of a hill. Therefore this technique is used mainly by birds or radio-controlled gliders. However, glider pilots like Ingo Renner have been able to use it. The maximum speed reported by radio-controlled glider pilots is 500 miles per hour or about 800 km / h . Continue Reading “Gradient flight”

Radio controlled glider

radio-controlled glider is a scale model of glider , remote controlled from the ground.

A glider is an aerodyne devoid of engine . Glider practice is gliding . It is an aircraft equipped with lift planes with significant elongation conferring a very low glide angle. It is controlled by mastering the three axes of roll , pitch and yaw . Gliders can be put in the air in four different ways. The most common is towing by an aircraft called tug, throwing it by hand (for hand-launched gliders)), the third less common is the winch and finally more rarely, by its own means thanks to a motor is fixed or (most often) retractable. These are motorgliders . An action on the remote control makes it possible to turn off the engine once at altitude, or even to restart it. Continue Reading “Radio controlled glider”


Pixhawk is an independent project that aims to provide high-end, low-cost or reasonable pilot control equipment (autopilot) to university, recreation and industrial user communities. This is an Opensource computer hardware development project (made available or sold under open license ” Creative commons cc-by-sa 3.0″). Continue Reading “Pixhawk”


Outdoor is a term that is used in model aircraft , often in opposition to the word “indoor”. It is often used for small park flyers who are able to fly in both environments, or planes of about 1 meter wide. These are mainly ‘semimaquette’ planes and others more fanciful. Outdoor flying is very common because indoor flight rooms are often not easy to find. Continue Reading “Outdoor”

Indoor (model aircraft)

Indoor is a term for small models that evolve in a closed space like a gym . The models are often very light and propelled by an electric motor. Indoor flying is an important part of model aircraft since technological advances in miniaturization. Small helicopters like the Picoo Z or Micro 47G are able to fly in a smaller space like a house or an apartment. Continue Reading “Indoor (model aircraft)”


HobbyKing is a sales site (controlled by Hextronik.Ltd ) of models to Internet based on Hong Kong , it mainly distributes products dedicated to the model aircraft and model . It was founded in 2001 in Hong Kong by Anthony Hand . This company has become known by the introduction of low cost equipment in a market reserved for an elite but also through a wide choice of products. Continue Reading “HobbyKing”


Hitec is a Korean brand of aircraft and electronics remote controls for radio controlled aircraft .

HITEC is also a company and a French brand, leader in the design and manufacture of measuring instruments in the field of water  [ archive ] : transmitters and level switches, pressure sensors and displays. Continue Reading “Hitec”

Graupner mosquito

The Graupner Mosquito is a remote-controlled glider (RC) from the German company (Johannes) Graupner , manufacturer of radio-controlled scale models.

It is a glider delivered in kit. With a wingspan of 2.50 m, it is essentially made from balsa , its structure is one of the lightest in its category. The ribbed wings attach and detach in the middle for transport. Continue Reading “Graupner mosquito”

Water rocket

rocket water or hydropneumatic rocket is a wheel gear which comprises a bottle in PET propelled by reaction , using the water and the air under pressure . These machines can exceed the speed of 400 km / h and 100 metersof altitude 1 . Their launch requires the use of a launch pad (or no shot) manufactured for this purpose. For its educational virtues and its spectacular side, the construction of water rockets is an activity often practiced in schools and holiday centers. Continue Reading “Water rocket”


drone (from the English word meaning drone 1 ) or without pilot means an aircraft without human on board (but most often remote controlled). The drone can have a civilian or military use. In France, the regulations incorporate aeromodelling activities with drones 2 . Drones are used for the benefit of armed forces or security – police , customs – of a state. Continue Reading “Drone”

Radio Controlled Aircraft

The radio-controlled airplanes (RC) are models reduced controlled by a remote control . They use a radio communication between a transmitter remote control and a receiver located in the aircraft. The receiver controls the actuators actuating the control surfaces or other functions of the aircraft as a function of driver control commands given by the position of joysticks radio controlledas a hobby is constantly increasing due to the availability of smaller and less expensive parts, as well as technological advances. A wide variety of styles and styles are available to satisfy all desires and budgets. Due to availability and advances in electric accumulators and electric motors, a growing number of users are using electric rather than thermal airplanes (most often running on methanol / oil or gasoline ). Electric airplanes are easier to build, quieter and less messy. Continue Reading “Radio Controlled Aircraft”

Ancestry (meteorology)

The descent is the upward movement of an object. This term is used in meteorology to refer to the move to a higher altitude of a parcel of air either thermodynamically or mechanically. The formation of clouds occurs by the rise of the air. Gliders and birds use this effect to stay in flight. The ancestry of the air will be constant if the air is stable but will accelerate if the air is unstable. His reverse is subsidence . Continue Reading “Ancestry (meteorology)”

World Model Making

The Mondial du Modélisme is a show held at the Bourget Exhibition Center or at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in France .

Formerly Salon de la Maquette and Model Reduced , then World Model and Model Reduced , it becomes the World Modeling in 2007, on the occasion of his trip to the exhibition park of Le Bourget .

The show consists of exhibitors offering their products, sometimes with demonstrations. Continue Reading “World Model Making”