The Draguar is an imaginary miniature car model, created by the British toy house Matchbox , owned by the Lesney group .

The vehicle is a hybrid of the very real Jaguar Type D and Type E cars , and a fictional dragster , sporting an imposing front engine. It is surmounted by a plastic bubble revealing the interior of the cabin (bubble sometimes colorless, sometimes yellow). It is reproduced approximately to scale 1/ 64 th . Continue Reading “Draguar”


Car-Horse (often typographed in capitals) is a French brand of miniature vehicles .


It was in 1919 that Albert Hubert created Modern Joinery, which became a wooden toy company. He has the idea in 1930 to use wood to make 1/43 scale cars, with lead wheels. He thinks it is a guarantee of robustness and gives the name of Car-Horse (small Anglo-Saxon wink) and which can also be understood in “Coach”. The first Car-Horse miniature vehicles were released in 1931 ; these are truck toys ( Berliet , Bernard Group , Renault , Citroën ). Continue Reading “Car-Horse”