Majorette (company)

Majorette is a French brand of miniature cars .

Characterized by their small size and weight rather high, scale ranges from 1/55 th to 1/100 th , and in fact most of the toys scale models.

Made in zamak and plastic, these miniature cars arrived on the market at prices that competed with the productions of Norev and Dinky Toys , to a lesser fidelity, but they had an enormous success, so much so that Majorette was quickly the first producer of French miniatures. Continue Reading “Majorette (company)”

Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys is a toy brand created in 1934 in the United Kingdom . The toys are then made in the UK and France by Meccano Ltd. , which produced miniature cars first of lead then zamac , but also some trains, planes, boats and various figurines and road accessories. The brand was very successful during the years 1950 to 1970 . It has since been bought by other toy brands. Continue Reading “Dinky Toys”