Ship model La Flore

La Flore is a ship model exhibited at the Musée National de la Marine in Paris. It is about a frigate of 18 guns realized in 1806 and which reproduces on a reduced scale the frigate of the same name built between 1804 and 1807 in Rochefort according to the plans of Pierre Rolland. The Flora bears witness to the type of frigate built at that time, with more than 146 models of this class built between 1781 and 1813 1 .

Ship model La Bayadère

The Bayadère is a ship model exhibited at the National Maritime Museum in Rochefort . It is a big corvette to fellows (the battery deck is covered at the front and back by fellows) of 22 guns. It was manufactured between 1814and 1817 at the workshop of models of Paris and the workshop of the arsenal of Rochefort according to the plans of François Poncet and Jacques Noël Sané Continue Reading “Ship model La Bayadère”

Pop-pop boat

pop-pop boat is a small toy boat propelled by a rudimentary steam engine , typically heated by a candle. This toy was invented in the 1890s by the French engineer Désiré Thomas Piot and it was later perfected. Very fashionable in Europe and the United States at the beginning of xx th century, this toy inexpensive and easy to build is still common in our time in some countries (Asia, South America). Continue Reading “Pop-pop boat”