List of passenger miniature trains

The passenger model trains , English miniature railway ridable in American riding railroad or large scale railroad are miniature train can accommodate passengers using locomotives copies of existing machines scaled driven by diesel, electricity or steam lively . Continue Reading “List of passenger miniature trains”

Electric train

The term ” electric train ” refers to a train powered by electricity , whether “real” or a model.

Real Train

From 1882, the term electric train is used while it is envisaged to use electricity to move trains using accumulators 1 . In October 1903 , several German experimental railcars exceeded 200 km / h 2 . In 1924, the term “electric train” is used to talk about real trains electrically driven 3 . Continue Reading “Electric train”

Toy train

toy train is a miniature reproduction of a train or element of a train ( locomotive , towed equipment …) as a toy . This toy train is intended to circulate on a miniature railway and to reproduce the principle of operation of real trains during a game session: trips from one station to another, maneuvers, exchanges of cars. Its propulsion is generally ensured by a unique system: electricity , steam (” carpet railways ” of the Victorian era ), mechanical system, by hand … Continue Reading “Toy train”


Rosny-Rail is a railway museum located in the station of Rosny-sous-Bois ( Seine-Saint-Denis ).

The museum is organized around different themes: the history of the railway, the way, the signaling, the rolling stock, etc. A dozen have been built according to a thematic and chronological breakdown of major rail functions of the late xix th century to the present day 1 . Continue Reading “Rosny-Rail”

Railway Models

Templates Ferroviaires is a French magazine founded in 2008 by Christian Fournereau and Denis Fournier Le Ray belonging to the group LR Press which deals with themes around model railroading . It is aimed at model builders. Regular contributors to the journal include Ivan Bory (scale 0), Jean Cantaloube (scale N), Patrick Fastelli (scale H0), Aurélien Prévot (scale H0). Continue Reading “Railway Models”


The term ferrovipathe (in British English, ” trainspotter ” in American English , ” railfan “), refers to a passionate train and the railway world. The ferrovipathe is devoted to one or more fields: observation, recordings of compositions and photography of trains; railway heritage management : historical work and archiving, restoration of old trains (including steam locomotives), collection of trains or railway parts; model railroad … Continue Reading “railfan”

Faller (model making)

Faller (full name Gebrüder Faller Gmbh ) is a German company for the creation and manufacture of models at different scales ( HO , N, Z) and decorative elements for model railroad network , military model making and fairground model making. The company Faller has also developed for the rail networks the Car-System allowing to evolve on the miniature networks, in addition to trains, road vehicles. Continue Reading “Faller (model making)”

Keys for the miniature train

Keys for the miniature train is a French magazine founded in 2012 1 , 2 by Christian Fournereau and François Fontana belonging to the group LR Press which deals with themes around model rail . Aimed at beginners in model railroading, it is a partner of the FFMF on the occasion of numerous exhibitions 3 , 4 . It is distributed by subscription and is available in over 7,000 points of sale 5 . The first issues were launched at a price of 2.90 euros 6 . Since the n ° 17 (January-February 2015), the selling price is 3.60 euros7 . The current editor is Denis Fournier Le Ray. Among the journal’s regular contributors are Daniel Aurillo, Philippe Cousyn, François Fontana, François Fouger, Christophe Franchini, Pierre Julien, Aurélien Prévot … Continue Reading “Keys for the miniature train”

Railway Model Making

The model railway is a business model on trains and railway world , especially their reproduction according to a scale and a set theme and their exploitation .

It is about the evolution of the simple game with a miniature train or the act of the electric train : the goal is to constitute a realistic model on which the trains will be the central subject. Railway modelism then consists, for most of its practitioners, to build a network (sometimes improperly called ” circuit “) arranged and decorated, on which the model maker will circulate his trains based on the reality of the railway world. Continue Reading “Railway Model Making”