The Depron or Depron is the trade name for a plastic light. It consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS), obtained by extrusion (PSX). Thanks to its very fine foam, it allows to shape plates and thin sheets.

The Depron brand belongs to the Dutch company Depron BV It produces plates for the thermal insulation of machines and buildings. They are also used in air model making , model railroading and all creative leisure because they are light and inexpensive. Some signs for signage or graphic activity are coated with a smooth sheet like the “featherboard”.

In food packaging , the Depron is commonly used in the boxes containing the burgers in fast food . Depron sells a range of expanded polystyrene trays .

The Dépron is also used in the cinema or advertising for the creation of light boxes or for slight reflections (softer than the usual polys).

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