Dragonfly 53

The Dragonfly 53 (also called Swiss Heli ) is a helicopter radio-controlled helicopter designed by Walkera brand . It is mainly used for learning model aircraft , both indoor ( indoor ) and outdoor ( outdoor ), without wind.

Its most popular decoration is that of a medical military helicopter .


Dragonlfy 53 also exists under the name “53-1” which is equipped with aluminum parts like the swashplate and the rotor head. other versions are also released:

  • 53-q,
  • 53-8.


The helicopters coaxial birotor

Heliotopteran birotor coaxial counter-rotating

This helicopter is particularly intended for teaching piloting of radio controlled helicopters . It is quite stable and easier to control than a normal helicopter. It has two superimposed rotors rotating in opposite directions and does not have a tail rotor 1 .

See the article Counter-Rotating Rotors

Radio control

It uses a radio control to 4 channel frequency of 412 mHz .

Notes and references

  1. ↑ The tail rotor serves to stabilize the helicopter in rotation while a twin-rotor helicopter uses the incidence of the blades to control it

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