The Draguar is an imaginary miniature car model, created by the British toy house Matchbox , owned by the Lesney group .

The vehicle is a hybrid of the very real Jaguar Type D and Type E cars , and a fictional dragster , sporting an imposing front engine. It is surmounted by a plastic bubble revealing the interior of the cabin (bubble sometimes colorless, sometimes yellow). It is reproduced approximately to scale 1/ 64 th .

Marketed in 1970, in the Superfast range , this vehicle, available in red and purple metallic, with a rare red variant with sticker on the back cover, was one of the popular models of the time, intended to compete with the range of Miniatures Hot Wheels successfully proposed since 1968 by the American firm Mattel . It remains one of the iconic models of this famous brand of toys. [style to review]

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