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Rail Miniature Flash is a French magazine founded in 1962 1 belonging to the group Rigel Editions which deals with themes around model making . Formerly known as RMA (Rail Miniature News), it is renamed RMF from No. 5 May 1962 to avoid confusion with a store. It usually consists of 80 and 116 pages, A4 size; its publication is monthly.


Rail Miniature Flash is the Revue Pratique du modelisme ferroviaire.

Every month we find the regular sections of the magazine:

  • Real and Miniature Comparison: Presentation of a miniature model with the size model
  • The railway decor: All the art of railway decor available to everyone, from beginners to experts …
  • The Network of the month: In-depth presentation of a network
  • Reports: Report of the news and the agenda of the miniature train
  • It was yesterday: vintage photos of stations, cars, trains, …
  • Life card: A complete card about a car, a model
  • Novelty test: Complete presentation of a model
  • Hardware and digital: All about digitization.
  • Transpositions sheet of train compositions: Practical and detailed sheets for train compositions

But also every month The new decorations, cars, events, …


These special issues have more than 100 pages

  • HS RMF N ° 3 – The easy railway decor
  • HS RMF N ° 4 – SNCF railcars
  • HS RMF N ° 5 – Trains of the 1980s
  • HS RMF N ° 6 – The natural scenery of the rail network
  • HS RMF N ° 7 – Railways and structures of the model train
  • HS RMF N ° 8 – The practical guide to the freight wagon
  • HS RMF N ° 9 – Building a Miniature Locomotive Depot from A to Z
  • HS RMF N ° 10 – Succeeding in natural and urban landscapes
  • HS RMF N ° 11 – New themes for your network

Notes and references

  1. ↑ Half a century of RMF !, RMF January 2012.

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