Free Way

Voie Libre (abbreviated as VL ) is a French journal founded inbelonging to the group LR Press , dealing with themes around secondary railways, real or miniature .


It first appeared as an insert in Loco Revue , five times a year, before knowing an independent quarterly publication in October 1997 , only by subscription. After the implementation of a non-subscription distribution, Voie Libre passes in 2006 to a publication bimonthly. It currently has 68 pages, excluding special issues, in A4 format .


Normally, Freeway, has articles that include several themes:

  • Networks: description of several narrow-gauge model networks;
  • How to do: improvements, building kits, or integral reduced equipment or buildings;
  • Network project: description with plans for future networks;
  • A market review;
  • An English translation, intended for non-French speaking narrow-channel amateurs , available as an insert in the first issues, is available on the journal’s website.

Special Numbers

  • nº 50, October-November 2008, 84 pages, released on the occasion of issue number 50

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