Gérard Delacroix

Gérard Delacroix (born on) Is an archaeological researcher, author and publisher French specializing in naval architecture of the XVII th and XVIII th centuries. Author of several monographs and articles, he is also a lecturer and consultant.


Gérard Delacroix 1 is interested in the sea and ships from an early age, probably because of his roots in Rochefort-sur-Mer where many of his ancestors worked for the navy . In the early 1980s, through the model of Arsenal , a discipline that reproduces the identical structure of the ships, he began to be passionate about the architecture of the great ships of the past. He studied the main works and manuscripts dealing with the shipbuilding of xviii th century.

Noticed by Jean Boudriot 2 , a reference in the naval archeology of this period, he published in 1995 a first monograph dedicated to a vessel of 64 guns, Le Fleuron (1729) . This book, which translates the extremely detailed design of the ship’s structure, is well received by the specialized community. It will be the starting point of several monographic publications just as documented. Let us quote for example the study of the Commerce of Marseilles (1788) , true floating fortress of the wars of the Revolution and the Empire . In another type of construction, the architecture of the galleysof Louis XIV is addressed in a comprehensive book whose unpublished illustration presents the galley La Fleur de Lis (1690) .

He also describes, among other things, less prestigious ships such as the ancient Mediterranean tartans with La Diligente (1738) or the Kerguelen exploration ship , Gros-Ventre (1766) .

He is the publisher of some of his works.

One of the peculiarities of his monographs lies in their implementation. The many plates of drawings that illustrate the works come from computer-assisted drawing . He is the first author-draftsman to adopt CAD for this type of monograph 3 .

In parallel, Gérard Delacroix writes articles for historical journals such as Neptunia , the Revue des Amis of the National Maritime Museum and for other specialized publications. He is also very active on the Internet by collaborating in many technical forums at the international level.

He brings his expertise for archaeological identification and reconstruction projects. He has been asked to draft the royal galley of the Grand Canal of Versailles or the frigate the Hermione Rochefort.

He is also a speaker and collaborator at the Musée Lapérouse in Albi .

Gérard Delacroix is ​​Chevalier of the Order of Maritime Merit .


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  • Le Rochefort, port -177- yacht , Éditions Gérard Delacroix, 2015, ( ISBN  978-2-9527406-4-7 )

Notes and references

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  2. ↑ Jean Boudriot is the precursor to the rebirth of the classic naval archeology, is the author of over thirty books on naval architecture and the study of ancient ships.
  3. ↑ Article by presentation of the approach in the monograph “The jewel” ANCHOR 1995

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