Gilac is a plastics company founded in 1941 by Olivier Lacroix Note 1 . The company was first established in Péruwelz in Belgium before moving to Oyonnax . The company gained notoriety through its advertising during the 1950s and 1960s .


The company “GO Lacroix” or “Gilac” was founded in 1941 by Olivier Lacroix 1 , Note 2 . Installed in Oyonnax , “the city of the comb ” 2 , it produces at the time the first injected comb 3 .

In 1953 the company produced the first bowl in polyethylene French 1 and specializes in the articles of large plastic consumption (buckets, bowls, skimmers, etc. ). It is from this era that dates its flagship slogan: “Plastic Gilac, miracle plastic” 1 . In 1960, Gilac began producing industrial containers and containers 3 . It was in peak in terms of advertising since 1953 for its range of polyethylene bowls 1 . Like Minialuxe , Gilac makes plastic toys (small trains for example) 1. In 1960, the company created the professional division 1 ; in 1989, Coram bought company 1, which finally joined the Wirquin group in 1997.

The advertising history of Gilac is widely represented in a collection of the comb and plastics museum of Oyonnax 1 .

In 2013, Gilac becomes an independent French SME with the creation of a new Gilac Professionnel company, which only takes over the professional activity of the Gilac Historical Society. The old company Gilac, with its activities General Public and Gardening stops. Gilac Professionnel refocuses on the design, manufacture and marketing of specific containers for professionals.

In 2014, the Oyonnax site moved to a new site dedicated to Izernore . In 2015, Gilac installs its head office and a commercial agency in Charbonnières-les-Bains .


GILAC has been a manufacturer of food trays for more than 75 years. GILAC accompanies daily the professionals of the collective catering; commercial catering; food industry ; bakery pastry; professions of mouths and medical facilities …


  • In her book The Years , Annie Ernaux evokes Gilac as one of the symbols of the new possibilities of consumption at the end of the years of reconstruction following the Second World War 4 :
“There was something for everyone. BiC pen , Berlingot shampoo, Bulgomme and Gerflex, Tampax and superfluous creams, Gilac plastic, Tergal , neon tubes, hazelnut chocolate, VéloSoleX and chlorophyll toothpaste. “

Notes and references


  1. ↑ Olivier Lacroix was born in 1901 in Champagnole . He did the Practical School of Oyonnax.
  2. ↑ Gilac matches the first letters of the first name and his daughter GI Sele LAKE ross.


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