Graupner (model making)

Graupner (its original name Graupner Modellbau ) is a company German of models , mainly of model airplanes . It was founded in 1930 in Stuttgart by Johannes Graupner .


Graupner receiving system with servomotor , battery and receiver
1930 : Foundation of the company in Stuttgart , Germany .
1935 : Creation of the first aerial model building kits. The company then has 20 employees and provides resellers. By passing competitions, she attracts many young people tomodel aircraft .
1938 : The company is expanding its production by marketing model boats.
1953 : The founder, Johannes Graupner dies. The company is taken over by his son, Hans Graupner, then 24 years old.
1957 : The company uses the Japanese OS heat engines, at the time world leader in engine models.
1962 : Cooperation with Grundig for radio controls .
1976 : Creation of the subsidiary Ebagec in Guayaquil, Ecuador to provide balsa , at the time the main material of the models.
2012 : Failed to change technology between 34 MHz and 3 Ghz

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