Graupner mosquito

The Graupner Mosquito is a remote-controlled glider (RC) from the German company (Johannes) Graupner , manufacturer of radio-controlled scale models.

It is a glider delivered in kit. With a wingspan of 2.50 m, it is essentially made from balsa , its structure is one of the lightest in its category. The ribbed wings attach and detach in the middle for transport.

It is a model released in the 1970s and is no longer marketed. Not to be confused with a mini electric model of the same brand in balsa and plastic for some time on the market.

The Mosquito can be motorized with a wing-mounted thermal motor mount or an Mabuchi 540 or Jumbo Class motor mounted in the fuselage and a NimH 5 to 7-element battery .

Today, a direct Brushless + Lipo motorization would be advantageous in flight and would facilitate the electrical / non-electric change.

It is found on eBay between 25 and 90 euro depending on the condition and equipment and more than 120 euro version to mount in its original box.
There is hardly any similar product on the market, the assembly time is a passion rather than a hobby … Otherwise, the Jolly (ref 4215) marketed in 1971 remains what comes closest to it . It can be found from 35 Eur (Germany, 2008 price). Its wingspan is only 114 cm but the wing load is 13g / dm2 (equivalent to expanded polystyrene). It has become possible today to equip it with a miniature radio control. His big brother, the Dandy (smaller than the Mosquito) was planned for an RC installation. It is no longer commercialized and even rarer on ebay than the Mosquito (not less than 160 Eur nine). For fans of the brand, there is a Graupner museum on the internet run by a collector from Geneva (Jussy).

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