International Plastic Modellers’ Society

The International Plastic Modellers’ Society (commonly known as IPMS ) is an international community of model devotees and enthusiasts founded by Peter Elley in 1963 in the United Kingdom . She is the first in the world, historically and in number of members, of this Fandom / Hobby .

The model , sometimes incorrectly called model making , is a leisure technique that involves the reproduction reduced scale of a civilian or military craft (ship, aircraft, vehicle, gun, etc.) existing or in the rendering of historical figures or ‘fictional “(Characters from Sci-Fi or Fantasy films or novels , etc.) in figurines . It differs from the model-radio-controlled (naval, air, land) and model railroading which constitute two other separate spheres, even if the exchanges with the latter are numerous (models, tips and tricks of editing and painting, etc.). . It is also different from the world of role play, game history or Wargame , more focused on the game board , even if there are once again “bridges” of the same order between the two areas.

History and organization

The Society was born from the private initiative of enthusiasts grouped around founding father Peter Elley. This band of buddies, fanatical model, founded the British Plastic Modeller’s Society in 1963. Soon, many foreign modelers adhere to it. Repatriating the idea of ​​Peter Elley in their country of origin, they duplicate the concept … the IPMS , thus emerging by “internationalization” and “parthenogenesis” of the original British club 1. Thus, the Canadian branch was created in 1964, the Belgian branch in 1968, the Guatemalan branch in 1989. Given this British origin, English naturally became the usual language of exchanges between affiliated clubs. at the IPMS (see below). It has also entered the international ” vernacularinitiatory jargon ” of fans ( weathering – aging and patina techniques of models, kit – model (unmounted) or assortment of conversion parts, etc.).

The IPMS is organized globally by chapters or branches national. It is a very informal organization, since there is no supranational authority to top it off. In the United States, almost every state has its own branch, dividing itself into regional sections / clubs, for example the main urban centers, without there being any “federal” authority, strictly speaking, the cell. IPMS / USAbeing rather a coordinating body and a hub for regional chapters . Many members of the IPMSwere also at the origin of the creation of more specific regional or thematic clubs, which are not, as such, branches of the IPMS but which gravitate to its obedience. This is for example the case of Miniature Armored Fighting Vehicle Association ( MAFVA ) British club specializes in military vehicle as the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society – APMS American. Within the IPMS itself is also created thematic cells, Interest Groups Special (GIS).

In this multinational and multicultural organization, being a member of its national section in no way precludes membership of another, subject to the payment of local dues.

The model, multidisciplinary hobby without frontiers

The IPMS is an apolitical international community, not depending on any international body or any government and does not taking into account the philosophical affiliations, religious or social of its members. At conventions or club meetings, everyone gets together in a friendly atmosphere and its multicultural character makes it a privileged meeting place. Only one condition to become a member: to pay his dues, always very modest. The branches are subject to national laws on non-profit cultural associations in their respective countries. All frames(President, secretaries, treasurer) are volunteers and the funds raised are used to fund – often with difficulty, as they must self-fund without receiving public funds – club activities and periodic contact publications between members.

Technical evolution of the hobby

As its name explicitly indicates, the IPMS gathers initially ” glue ” of plastic models . But if French modelers always use the term plastic glue – often with a good dose of self – deprecation – this hobby was not limited to this material alone .

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Notes and references

  1. ↑ which in fact becomes the IPMS / UK itself counting about sixty local affiliated clubs

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