Italia in miniatura

Italia in miniatura is a miniature park located in Viserba, in Rimini , in the region of Emilia – Romagna in Italy 1 .


Created by Ivo Rambaldi, after visiting several parks in Europe, this park was inaugurated on as a sui generis amusement park which, instead of pointing to action games, offered reproductions on the scale of about 50 Italian and European monuments, displayed on an area of 20 000 2 and 3 years of work 2 .


At the beginning of 2012, the park occupies an area of 85 000 2 , decorated with 10 000 plants with a majority of bonsai , the reproductions are increased to 270 and the site employs 150 people. In 2006, attendance is up to 500 000 visitors of which 14% of foreign tourists, and a clear majority of families and school groups 3 .



The main attraction of the park is the course along the Italian boot where the miniatures, made of resin foam 1:25 or 1:50 scale, represent the main monuments or cities of Italy followed, after the crossing of the miniature Alps , the main European sites.

The first miniature was made the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe , the original of the ix th century lies at the southern entrance of Ravenna 4 . It will be joined among others by the Colosseum of Rome , a reconstruction on a scale of 1: 5 on 6 600 2 of the Grand Canal and the miniature of the Campanile of St. Mark of Venice .

Other attractions

  • Luna park della scienza (science luna park), attraction where physics experiments can be done;
  • Canoe (canoe), log circuit of 1991;
  • Sling shot , sling shot ;
  • Torre panoramica ( panoramic tower), Samba Tower 10 m high, Zamperla ;
  • Giostra cavalli (carousel horses), small carousel ;
  • Piazza Italia laser & music show , an open air theater;
  • Arcobaleno , a journey of 700 m monorail to six meters high that goes around the site in eight minutes at 15 km / h which, in Sicily in miniature, flies over the Tyrrhenian Sea , joined the Mont Blanc , passes over from the Alps , flies over the Adriatic Sea , the Ionian Sea and returns to Sicily. First monorail of Italy;
  • Venezia , travel on a boat and walk through the scale reproduction of a few canals of Venice lined with 119 faithful reproductions of palaces and monuments of the city (the campanile reaches 20 m high). Covering an area of 12,000 2 , this reproduction is inaugurated in 1992, after nine years of work;
  • Pinocchio , a small outdoor scenic trail through the history of Pinocchio ;
  • Scuola guida interattiva (interactive driving school), educational course on road traffic (for children from 6 to 12 years old);
  • Cannonacqua (water cannon), water games in the reproduction of the Castel Sismondo of Rimini at scale 1: 3, where water cannons can simulate a battle between people positioned behind the battlements and the remaining attackers on the ground ;
  • children’s play areas, remote controlled boats , arcade arcade room , flight simulator;
  • Old attraction: Piccola valle preistorica (small prehistoric valley), small space reserved for dinosaur reproductions and scenes of prehistoric life.


Present are: kiosks, restaurants, picnic area, photographic center and souvenir shops. Outside are two large paying car parks.

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