Joyax is a French company specialized in the manufacture of toys . Founded in Marseille in 1946 by Francis Lan, the company is active until the early 1980s.

The production was made at the very beginning of wooden toys but was oriented very quickly to metal toys with or without winding mechanism (simple and complete railcars in 1950, Porsche in 1959, Jaguar and Austin in 1961 etc. 1 ). Francis Lan’s choice was always cheap entry-level products, some of which remained in the catalog until the end of business.

The company created its own models, but in order to expand the range and reduce design costs, bought certain models and their tools from the 1960s to other houses that had decided to stop making them. Among the models in question, the best known were the motorcycle of the brand Technofix 1 which Francis Lan took the same manufacturing (including the name “technofix” still registered) and Renault Florida, initially in the catalog of the company TLJ

The evolution of the French toy market, the ever increasing competition could only be damaging to a small company with little means and the early 1980s, began to decline Joyax 2. The latest products produced were the series of 6 small sports cars without mechanisms, the jeep for firefighters with its tank in tow and the mechanical rail whose line was inspired by the modern railcars of the 1930s (including the famous Bugatti railcar ). which had been one of the first metal toys in the catalog.

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