Le Petit-Paris (leisure park)

The Petit-Paris is a reconstitution representing the city of Paris in miniature in Vaïssac in Tarn-et-Garonne , 20 km from Montauban . Over forty monuments and areas of Paris are recreated in scale 1: 130 th in a garden. Its slogan is “Le Petit-Paris, the capital in miniature”.


Created in 1983 by Gerard Brion at the age of 14, the site has been officially open to the public since June 2002 after a pharaonic project [non-neutral] that required more than 14 years of work to its author, more than 25,000 hours [ref. necessary] .

An amazing story [not neutral] since this childhood dream was born in watching the show Champs Elysees of Michel Drucker in 1984; thirteen years later it is the tragic accident of the Princess Diana which makes known Little Paris in the media [ref. necessary] . Because the visitors came to pay homage to the princess at the bridge of the Alma like in true Paris, following a reconstitution of the accident in miniature. Since then, this small attraction has been the subject of many television reports in France and around the world [ref. necessary] .


This small tourist site is made up of the Petit-Louvre museum which represents a collection of many drawings and paintings by Gérard Brion. Numerous paintings and copies of Raphael , Ingres , Boucher and a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa . This museum is composed of a video space representing the history of Petit-Paris and a show of French cancan automatons at the Petit-Moulin Rouge 1 .

Le Petit-Paris is managed by a Support Committee, an association under the 1901 law, Les Amis du Petit-Paris , whose goal is to safeguard Le Petit-Paris and develop this unique work of art in the world [not neutral] [ ref. necessary] .

Isolated on a hillside in the countryside in a small garden, landlocked, far from major traffic in Vaissac , Le Petit-Paris is doomed to expand on a new site more accessible and especially more tourist. The site receives an average of 15,000 visitors per year 2 .


For many years and without help, Gérard Brion fights to save Le Petit-Paris in a more tourist area. Opportunities and projects around the world: in 2001 the singer Line Renaud wanted to sell Le Petit-Paris for the project of Casino Hilton Le Paris in Las Vegas and in 2002, the project was under study near the Futuroscope of Poitiers . In 2006, a Chinese investor was interested in a luxury restaurant project near Shanghai [ref. necessary] .

The Petit-Paris will finally stay in France. It is in the department of Charente-Maritime that the project should see the light of day by 2020. The expansion project is under study to rebuild Le Petit-Paris in 10 times larger on a park of 3 hectares [ref. necessary] in Champagne , a small village located between Royan and La Rochelle 15 km from Rochefort , in a department that receives more than 5 million tourists a year.

For the realization of this new theme park project, Gérard Brion is looking for financial partners, investors, cultural patronage …

Since July 2012, actor Lorànt Deutsch is the official sponsor of Petit-Paris. The passionate actor of history and Paris, author of the hit book Metronome did not hesitate [non-neutral] to support the project of Gérard Brion 3 .


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