Lilleputthammer is a miniature park and amusement park located in the commune of Øyer , 20 km north of Lillehammer , close to the European Route 6 . The miniature park built in 1982 consists of a copy of the main street of Lillehammer in the 1900s. It was built on a scale of 1: 4. Over the years, the park has had a number of mechanical attractions such as a carousel , a ferris wheel and a junior roller coaster .


Name of the attraction Type builder Year
Berg- og dalbane Junior roller coaster Zamperla 2007
Bumpe Båter Bumper boats
El-Biler Junior Karting
Froskehopp Junior fall tower SBF Visa Group
Klatretårn Playground
Lilleputthammer Toget Panoramic train
Nostalgikarussel Carousel 2008
Oldefarsbiler Course in bait SBF Visa Group 2008
Pariserhjul Big Wheel SBF Visa Group 2008

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