Majesty of the Seas (mini)

The (Mini) Majesty of the Seas is a miniature French at 1/8 the cruise ship Majesty of the Seas of the company Royal Caribbean . It was built in 1994 by François Zanella, a former miner with a passion for ships since he saw the launch of the France liner  .

François Zanella took eleven years to build its “model” in sheet steel 102 tons in his garden Morsbach in Moselle at over 500 km of all seas. This is the culmination of a long-standing passion for ocean liners. Indeed, in his childhood, marveling at the liner France , François Zanella has successively built miniature paper model, matchsticks and metal 1 .

The (Mini) Majesty Of The Seas is designed to pass the locks and navigate all the channels of Europe.


The (Mini) Majesty Of The Seas was built by François Zanella, a former miner of collieries of the Lorraine basin (HBL) enthusiast shipssince he saw the launching of the steamer  France the. The construction of the replica started inand ended with the launch of the (Mini) Majesty Of The Seas in the presence of its builder and godmother, Maud Fontenoy . To build his ship, François Zanella was helped by workers from the Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire in labor and advice, the latter having built the Majesty Of The Seas in 1992 . The (Mini) Majesty Of The Seas was transported by truck between Morsbach where it was built and Sarreguemineswhere it was launched on.

In 2013 , the owner of the (Mini) Majesty Of The Seas , François Zanella, announces that, due to his health problems, the ship was sold for a million euros 2 .

François Zanella, the iconic constructor and captain of this replica, died on May 12, 2015, before his boat found (re) taker 3 , 4 .

2017: a new project for the ship

In 2017 , the family of François Zanella (his wife and two daughters) decided to keep the boat and expose it on family grounds, in the commune of L’Hôpital , where it would be open to the public.

In order to finance the project, which requires taking the boat out of the water with the help of an 800 ton crane and bringing it back by truck to the place where it will be exhibited, the Mini Majesty of The Association Seas and family Zanella looking for sponsors and launched a campaign of crowdfunding on the platform Leetchi 5


The adventure of François Zanella was the subject of a television report, directed by Philippe Lespinasse, broadcast on the Thalassa show on France 3 .

Tv Rosselle, the Petite-Rosselle local television station , has also followed François Zanella since the construction of the boat in his garden until the recent sale of the liner through its launch.

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