Majorette (company)

Majorette is a French brand of miniature cars .

Characterized by their small size and weight rather high, scale ranges from 1/55 th to 1/100 th , and in fact most of the toys scale models.

Made in zamak and plastic, these miniature cars arrived on the market at prices that competed with the productions of Norev and Dinky Toys , to a lesser fidelity, but they had an enormous success, so much so that Majorette was quickly the first producer of French miniatures.


The company was founded in 1961 in Lyon under the name “Rail-Road Toys” by Émile Véron , brother of Paul and Joseph Véron, founder of Norev . Two types of products coexist originally: trains ( “Rail”) in 1/143 scale e and vehicles ( “Road”) on a scale ranging from 1/65 th (cars) 1/100 th (semi-trailer trucks + buses). It was in 1966 that the name became “Majorette” while the production of trains was abandoned in the meantime.

In 1977 , Majorette went public and Emile Véron bought Solido except the military series for personal convictions. Globally, despite competition from Matchbox , a distribution subsidiary is established in Florida in the United States in 1982 and a small production in Brazil, entrusted to local subcontractors for the local market, for about 5 to 6 months. years.

During this time, Majorette is flourishing: It is the world’s leading manufacturer of miniature cars.

  • 400,000 miniatures produced per day
  • marketing in 60 countries
  • Majorette Distribution SA is in charge of the distribution of Solido , Verem, Majorette-Pub and Solido-Pub products.

The 1980s are more difficult, a growing part of production is then relocated in Thailand – 1986. In 1994, in Portugal, a new production begins under the name “Novacar” but it will be very short period (less than 3 years ). These Novacar models (metal chassis, plastic shell) will have up to 18 models (numbering in the “100” series) that will be integrated into the Majorette range as “Majorette” models in their own right by abandoning their numbering and the plastic shell for one of metal.

Production in Thailand is growing very fast. The quality of details is decreasing, most new models no longer have mobile accessories (doors, hoods), the chassis are now plastic. The brand placed in liquidation in 1992 is sold to Ideal Loisirs in 1993. In 1996 , Triumph-Adler AG, German manufacturer of office automation, bought Majorette to diversify into the toy. Success is not at the rendezvous and Majorette is liquidated in 2000.

In 2001 , the historic site of Rillieux-la-Pape is closed 1 , 2 .

In 2003 , it was finally the Jura group of the toy Smoby who bought the brand “Majorette Toys” to relaunch a production relocated in Thailand .

In 2007 , after significant redemptions, Smoby is placed in liquidation again. The American MGA Entertainment Inc. , owner of major brands of toys and licenses on derivatives, takes over the whole Smoby group with a consortium of international banks. In 2008 , after the receivership of the Smoby-Majorette Group, the MI29 financial group headed Majorette SAS.

In 2010 , Smoby (renamed Smoby Toys) took over his former subsidiary at the helm of the Paris 3 commercial court .


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The first model of cheerleader was a BRM , the second a Porsche [citation needed]

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