Micro 47G

The Micro 47G is a helicopter radio controlled birotor Indoor and also Outdoor in good weather produced by the mark Graupner . It can remain hovering stable.


The lower blades are used to lift and tilt the aircraft, while the upper blades are used to rotate the helicopter.

The helicopters coaxial birotor

This helicopter is particularly intended for teaching piloting of radio controlled helicopters . It is quite stable and easier to control than a normal helicopter. It has two overlapping rotors rotating in opposite directions and does not have a tail rotor.

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This model is easy to adjust: either the settings are too important and one must adjust the mechanical transmissions (bevel) if necessary the on-board electronics, or the settings are minimal and can be carried out using the trimmers .


It has a LiPo rechargeable battery of 7.4 V and 800 mAh.

Radio control

It requires a 4-channel FM radio control .

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