Micro rocket

micro rocket is a mini rocket experiment that allows you to learn safely the parameters that govern the flight of a rocket. They are powered by a powder micro-propellant.

The micro rockets can climb up to 200 meters before descending to the ground with or without parachute . Thus, safely, different models of rockets can be tested to understand, by practice, the laws of aerodynamics .


Rockets are propelled by the action-reaction principle by burning powder embedded in thrusters. There are different types of thrusters (A, B, C approved in France).


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The ignition is done using a launch line. A launch line consists of a console (with on / off switch, location for the security key, and launch button), and a relay box placed next to the rocket. When firing, the relay box provides an electrical pulse. The ignition can be done by means of resistive wire (it will melt under the electric impulse) or thanks to igniters (small copper rod with a pearl of powder at the end igniting thanks to the electric impulse).

Launch area

For the launch, place the microfuse in an open area. The launch is always facing the wind, in a place not too dry (to avoid the risk of fires). The public must respect a safety distance of 30 meters.


In France, the legislation requires that the pitcher be in possession of an approval issued solely by the association Planète-Sciences. The rocket must be equipped with a slowdown system (parachute or banner). It is forbidden to fly living organisms.

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