Micromodels is the generic name for a series of miniature cardboard models that were published in the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1956 .

The concept was created by Geoffrey Heighway in 1940 during the Second World War to find a creative derivative to the suffering of bombed British cities. The principle was to propose very small models of cardboard to cut and to mount and taking only very little place as well not cut as assembled.

The models ready to cut and paste were presented on 9x13cm cards printed in colors and were sold very cheaply. A model usually held on 3 or 4 leaves. The slogan was “Your Workshop in a Cigar Box” (your workshop in a cigar box).

The first series of models published by Modelcraft Ltd was titled “Romance of Sail” and represented six famous yachts . The completed models measured less than 10cm long while being true scale models. They had a huge success. The series was followed by that of British cruisers , then by tanks and military planes.

In 1947 , Heighway himself founded his company Micromodels Ltd. and the series of locomotives appeared. In 1948 , British buildings such as Anne Hathaway’s cottage , began a long series.

In 1956 , upon the death of their creator, the Micromodels included a hundred models and became very popular. They were then bought by an American who promoted it until 1960 .

They have now ceased to be marketed but there is certainly a large stock because it is not uncommon to find flea markets, especially British. In addition several amateurs have embarked on the reissue of these models or even in the realization of new models of this type.

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