Military modelism

The military model , or military model making , is a leisure (some say an art ) of reproducing a scale given one or more elements of an armed force (mainly aircraft and armored vehicles ). It can therefore be a single reproduced element or a whole scene reproducing a real or fictional battle. The model can be represented for itself or staged on a diorama .

The most common scales are 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35.

Particular attention is paid, during assembly, to historical conformity. This implies, for the model maker, the search for period documents, mainly photos, in order to determine at best the colors, markings or particular uses of the machine represented.

Upon purchase, a military model occurs most often in the form of a kit in molded plastic . The model maker must then prepare the pieces, glue them and paint them, often adding additional details in order to make the model as close as possible to the real machine to reproduce. The pieces of detail, often in resin or photoetched, can come from another kit or the production carried out by a specialized craftsman . The whole is put in paint and often weathered (wear, rust, traces of mud, etc. ) in order to reproduce an operational machine.

The realization of a diorama of presentation resumes most often techniques developed in the model railway .

In the context of the reproduction of airplanes and helicopters , model makers are attached to both military models and model aircraft . The staging of characters, without the presence of military equipment, is most often related to figurinism .

Military model making can also be used as part of wargames , which require, for a part, figurines and miniature vehicles .

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