Minialuxe is a brand of miniature cars, originally located in Oyonnax , in the department of Ain and today based in Canéjan in the Gironde department .

History of Minialuxe

Minialuxe mini-car manufacturing was born in 1953 with the appearance of its first plastic cars. The company was located at 168/170 rue Anatole-France, in Oyonnax, a city known for its manufacturing industry. manufactured articles made of plastic 1 . However, the establishments Grand-Clément, created fifty years earlier in Oyonnax, specialize in the plastic injection and the manufacture of many everyday objects in this new material that profoundly modifies the manufacture of manufactured objects.


The majority of his production was [ref. necessary] to 43 e , but some specimens have been made in 32 th and 86 th . Hotchkiss Gregory 2, Peugeot 203 van, Renault Frégate, Citroën 15 HP, Ford Vedette and Simca Aronde, with round and simple lines, without windows or interior fittings, constitute the first collection. Galleries, luggage on the roof, trailers, accessories or boxes will complete the range. During the 1960s and 1970s, the grandson, Édouard Blanc, increased innovations and derivative products. In the 1960s, Minialuxe offers tacos or ancestors, just like Clé, Rami or Safir. But Édouard Blanc is distinguished by creating vehicles that are out of the ordinary, for example the Oldsmobile 1902 ref.  required] , Jamieson 1902 or 1912. Landau Park Royal Meanwhile, the contemporary range to 43 e widens.

The oil shock

With the rising cost of plastics due to the first oil shock, margins are shrinking. New forms of games and toys are emerging and competition from Asia is emerging. At the end of the 1970s, 3 the production of the brand disappears. Minialuxe ceased its activity in 1978.

A brand relaunched

It was in May 2012 that the French brand was reborn as a commercial company: “Minialuxe”. After signing a brand license agreement for twenty years, Marc Faujanet, owner of the title Passion 43 e (the trade magazine of automobile miniature 1/43 th ) decided to revive the company by committing to not to republish identically the collection of old miniatures designed at the time by the brand and to recreate tools by designing new molds.


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