Miniature Armored Fighting Vehicle Association

The Miniature Armored Fighting Vehicle Association – abbreviated MAFVA and translating literally into ” Association miniature armored fighting ” – is a non-profit association British grouping collectors models of military vehicles, founded in 1965 .

German tank model of the Second World War

Informally related to the International Plastic Modellers’ Society , however, it has not experienced the international influence of the latter but is nevertheless open to foreign members, averaging the payment of the membership fee. It is organized in the United Kingdom in regional chapters, some international chapters still exist.

The association publishes Tankette , a magazine dedicated to adhering members devoted to military model making and the history of military vehicles and armored / mechanized armed forces.

The association and its regional chapters regularly organize exhibitions / competitions, notably at the Duxford Museum .

The association logo is a representation of ” Little Willie “, the ancestor of the Tanks Note 1 , in the middle of a serrated wheel 1 .


“The MAFVA exists to promote interest in combat vehicles and related equipment and to act as a non-profit organization for the collection and dissemination of information on this subject. We try to answer questions or find sources of information for the rapidly growing number of our international members and to encourage correspondence between people with similar interests. Topics of interest within MAFVA run from the First World War to the present day, although the most important is World War II. The majority of members assemble and collect small scale models but many are also those who only collect information on military subjects. Others collect and restore authentic historic military vehicles. We aim to offer MAFVA members a biweekly magazine calledTankette . Local chapters are continuously formed both in the UK and abroad and are encouraged to hold meetings, exhibitions and competitions to allow members to make the most of their hobbies by meeting with them. others with similar interests, and to share information and expertise 2

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