Miniature train Gaillacois

The Gaillac miniature train is an important network of electric trains, built and managed by a local club ( association law 1901 ) of model rail at Gaillac in the department of Tarn .


The club was created in 1985 by some enthusiasts of train and model. Initially installed near Gaillac station, he moved in 1995 to the premises he still occupies on the outskirts of the city.


Track plan

The plateau of 200 2 supports 600 meters of track in HO scale (reduction to 1/87 th ) and 192 turnouts 1 . Three circuits are nested where circulates up to eighteen trains simultaneously 2 . It is one of the largest networks in the southwest.

The TGV circuit: this oval goes around the network and allows high speeds. It has a train station built in 2012-2013 1 .

The double-track circuit allows the circulation of long trains as in reality with trains of fifteen cars or freight trains of more than twenty cars. It has two stations reproducing the buildings of Toulouse-Matabiau and Saint-Sulpice .

The local circuit is single-track, the trains can only meet in the station. It has four stations reproducing those of Gaillac , Lexos , Rabastens and Albi-Madeleine .

The operation of the network is done in analog system thanks to a relay room.

Rolling stock

On LGV circulate various TGV reproductions: Thalys, TGV Atlantique, TGV South-East …

On the double-track circuit, the engine equipment and the one that can be found on the Bordeaux-Sète cross -road .

On the single-track network, only models reproducing engines with a combustion engine are allowed. These are series of motor cars or railcars visible on the line between Toulouse and Albi.


Built and managed by volunteers 1 , the visit of the network is not free, it is open between 2 pm and 6 pm on Sundays in the year, Saturdays and holidays in May-June and every day between the second Sunday of July and the third Sunday of August. For groups of ten people or more the opening can be done by appointment 3 , 4 .

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