Minitalia Leolandia Park

Minitalia Leolandia Park (best known until 2007 under the name FantasyWorld Minitalia and Minitalia ) is an amusement park located in Capriate San Gervasio , in the province of Bergamo , in Lombardy .

The park is mainly oriented towards the leisure of families, with attractions and activities for all ages and a few didactic courses in the projects of Italian schools. The park usually opens from mid-March to early November.

During 2007-2008, the park changed management and now belongs to Zamperla Spa and the Thorus 2 group .


Tartaruga Gervasio, the mascot of the park at the time of FantasyWorld Minitalia.

In the late 1960s , Guido Pendezzini, a textile entrepreneur from Capriate returning from a trip to the Netherlands, proposed to his brothers Mario and George the ambitious project to build a large leisure park in which they would reproduce Italian monuments in miniature. . The idea was born during the visit of the miniature park Madurodam , Holland and the work officially began on on a surface of 180,000 square meters.

A year later, in July 1971 , the park, not quite finished but already endowed with a big playground and an arena to receive shows and demonstrations, was opened to the public under the name Minitalia . The park organized several events such as the Rallye Canoro, led by Corrado and Sandra Mondaini , naval modeling exhibitions , a ping-pongtournament , but above all it began to exhibit the first examples of models of the most beautiful Italian monuments.

Satisfied visitors allowed the official opening of the park three years later, in . The main attraction was the miniature reproduction of the main Italian monuments staged among a vast collection of meticulously carved Bonsais . The park was also equipped with play structures such as swings, slides, moped tracks, roller skating track, a small lake with motor boats. At the entrance, there were also 18 shops selling Italian handicrafts as well as two large halls equipped with ping-pong tables, pinball tables, bowling alleys, shooting stand, a tea room. , a pizzeria and other points catering self-service.

The first management change occurred in 1997 when the Pendezzini family decided to sell the park to two entrepreneurs already in place in the world of entertainment: the Triberti family, manager of the “Cornelle” park in Valbrembo , and the Fabbri family , entrepreneurs in the production of attractions. Thus, the purchase of Minitalia gave the start to the project of a new park inaugurated in 1998 under the name fantasyWorld-Minitalia . During the first year of the new management, a new area named “Angolo Rosa” was built, including attractions dedicated exclusively to children.

Entrance to the park in 2009

The park at that time began to work on a real theme. Thus, one of the first thematic areas created was that inspired by the Wild West with the construction of a saloon , and an oil well . Attractions like Logs or first roller coasters were installed in this area. In 2000, two new additions were added: “Le macchine del genio di Leonardo” and “Tunnel nell’Oregon”.

In May 2007 , the park changes direction again. It was then Zamperla SpA , one of the leading amusement production companies (already associated in the previous management of the Triberti group) and the financial company Thorus who took over. Gradually, the development of the original area of ​​the park that had miniatures was slowed down and the attraction area was developed. Many attractions of the manufacturer Zamperla were added, that showcases the company 3 . To mark this change, the park was renamed “Minitalia Leolandia Park”.

The amusement park

Minitalia Leolandia Park presents 5 discovery courses and 6 thematic areas, almost all of which feature green and shaded areas.

Thematic areas

Neighborhood name Description Photo
Leonardo Zone on the theme of Leonardo da Vinci and his discoveries.
Strabilia Area including attractions on the theme of carnivals.
far west Thematic zone on the world of the Wild West.
LeoBeach Created in 2009, this theme area takes the spirit of the beach.
Riva dei Pirati Thematic area on the world of pirates.
Angolo Rosa Zone dedicated to children.
Minitalia Miniature park representing the main Italian monuments.
Rettilario Course 70 meters where you can observe 62 species of spiders and reptiles 4 .
Acquario A 140-meter course with 24 pools where you can admire 56 species of fish, including theginglymostomatidae .
Fattoria Presentation of a large collection of parrots.

Roller coaster 5

In activity

Name of the attraction Type builder Year Photo
Leocoaster Seated roller coaster Zamperla 2007
Mine Train E-Powered Roller Coaster Zamperla 2009
Twister Mountain (Tiger Mountain) Wild Mouse Zamperla 2008


Name of the attraction Type builder Year
Year of
Brucomela Seated roller coaster Far Fabbri 1998 2005
Garden Express Seated roller coaster Sartori Rides International 2007 2007
Thriller Seated roller coaster Pinfari 2006 2007

Aquatic attractions

  • Mississippi Boat – Logs of Zamperla
  • Pirati Splash – Zamperla Mini Logs
  • Rapide di Leonardo – Fast river in buoys of Zamperla (2009)

Other attractions

  • Auto d’Epoca – SBF car ride
  • Bici da Vinci – Magic bikes from Zamperla (2007)
  • Cannonball – Zamperla Falls Tower (2008)
  • Chuck Wagon – Zamperla Flying Carpet (2007)
  • Electro Spin – Surf’s Up by Zamperla (2008)
  • GaLEOne – Rocking boat from Zamperla (2009)
  • Giostra cavalli – Carrousel of Bertazzon’s wooden horses
  • Girafavole – Children’s carousel
  • Oregon Express – Panoramic train
  • Ruota dei Pionieri – Zamperla Ferris Wheel
  • Saltarane – Jump Around by Zamperla (2008)
  • Sedie Ballerina – Flying chairs from Zamperla (2008)
  • Sgulavià – Samba Tower of Zamperla
  • Strabilia Kong – Music Express
  • Surf’s Up – Zamperla Surf’s Up
  • TagaJ – Zamperla Inflatable Structure (2008)
  • Tazze Magiche – Mugs by Technical Park
  • Town Tower – Zamperla Junior Fall Tower (2007)
  • Trenino – Children’s train
  • Wild Avvoltoi (2007)

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