The Mini-Zs are 1:28 scale radio controlled cars created and manufactured by the Japanese company Kyosho . Although at first glance they might be thought of as mere toys by the “plastic” appearance of the chassis, it is a category of self-propelled model making, and even one of the least expensive categories. The car is most often delivered as a kit RTR (ready to roll) with its basic radio control (type “gun” with steering wheel on the side), and it only needs to add batteries or accumulators to roll it.

As in larger scales, the Mini-Z is “all functions” (front and rear, left and right, and even an electronic brake) and we have commands totally proportional thanks to an electronic dimmer integrated in the receiving plate. A summary suspension is also integrated into the chassis, inspired by certain models of 1/12 “Group-C” cars, namely a spring system for the front and a rear H-shaped or T-shaped flexible plate that makes the connection with the rear axle. The motorization is provided by a small electric motor type 130 or Brushless, and the transmission is equipped with a differential pinion or ball.

With the low cost of the category compared to higher scales and a growing choice of interchangeable bodies, the Mini-Z is gaining momentum and more and more races are being organized.

The range

  • First generation: MR-01 1
  • First generation with a servo-saver: MR-15 2
  • Second generation flat battery to lower the center of gravity and equipped with a backup-servo: MR-02 3
  • 4-wheel drive version MA-010, MA-015 released in December 2005: AWD
  • New AWD in 2014: the MA-020 with a triangulated suspension like the MR03 4
  • New born at the end of 2009: The mini-z MR03 2 wheel drive.
  • Extension of the range in 2013: MR03 Sports, with Kyosho electronics.
  • Then follow the MR 03 VE equipped with a Brushless motor and a new electronic board (launch in 2013).
  • Mini Monster Truck: Monster 5
  • Overland (MV01) 6
  • F1 (MF010, then MF015) 7
  • Buggy (MB-010) 8 , and Comic Racer (MB-011), a rally body based on the 9 buggy chassis .
  • Motorcycle (MC01)
  • Boat (Mini-Z Boat) [1]  [ archive ]


All parts can be changed and often improved. The most common improvements are tire, engine, FET (field effect transistor), bearings, engine mount (pod), shock absorber, nosewheel and steering. . Of course, the bodies of different models of sports cars are the most popular, but are also available more classic cars. Personal modifications are also possible, such as parts made using 3D printing.

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