Model building village Babbacombe

The Babbacombe Model Village is a miniature village and model railway located in Babbacombe , Torquay in Devon .

The model village was opened in 1963 by Tom Dobbins. 1 , 2 Mr. Dobbins had already opened another model village in Southport in 1957.

Miniature Landscape

Model Village

The site is located on approximately 4 acres (1.6 ha). There are more than 400 models with about 300 meters of miniature train circuit in the village. The model village is an entirely fictional town whose many buildings are inspired by prototypes and landscapes known from the UK, including Stonehenge and The Shard .

The names of shops and other buildings include humorous word games, such as Amanda Lofe – The House of Bread And Cakes, Ivor Faggot Butcher (“I’ve a Fagot” or “I have a fagot” – a reference to traditional British meat dish ), A. Kingbody Sports Center (“Aching Body” or “Body Endolori”) and Terry Bull Gardening Service, Decorators (‘Terrible’).

Popular models

Some of the most popular models in the village are the Burning House, the Stonehenge Site, The Shard, the EastEnders indoor scene (an endless soap opera) and the Dragon Castle.

In the media

The model village appeared in an episode of The Holidays of My Life in 2014 with Len Goodman and Matt Allwright . He also appeared in The One Show the same year.


During the summer months, the Babbacombe Model Village is open until 10:30 pm, weekend days with the village lights. The Shard in the center of the village is also lit 3 .


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