Model Museum

The Model Museum is a French museum located in the city of La Rochelle , Charente-Maritime .

It is the most important toy museum in the Center-West of France as much for its exhibition area as for the number of exhibits and animations in place. It is one of the most visited museums in La Rochelle , tourist town on the Atlantic coast of France.


The Museum of Models comes from the assembly of different objects from a company created in 1959 and who made sets for themed exhibitions.

Created in 1987 and located in the modern Minimes district of La Rochelle between the Old Port of La Rochelle and the marina, this museum, entirely made up of private collections, covers a total area of 800 2 . It is the largest regional museum space specialized in the theme of the toy and the model.

The other small playful museums of the department however suffer from a seasonal opening, generally in the beautiful season. The Museum of Models still remains complementary to these small museums that have a theme identical to his own but presented in a different way. So it is the Museum of old toy of Échillais , near Rochefort , or Atlantrain Museum of Saint-Just-Luzac , near Marennes . These museums, far from being competitive, complement each other.

Open all year round and having acquired a regional reputation through many promotions, this museum receives with the twin museum of the Museum of Automata , located next door, 50 000 visitors on average annual. These two museums constitute a unique museum space in Poitou-Charentes 1 .


Through models and models and a varied animation, the museum presents among others:

  • The car ( Rolls Royce Torpedo Phantom 2 ).
  • The history of navigation (naval model room, sound and visual reconstruction of a naval battle).
  • The railroad (railroad tracks including one outside the museum, famous model of La Rochelle station ).

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