Model Railroader

Model Railroader (abbreviated MR ) is an American magazinedealing with model railroading . Founded in 1934 by Al C. Kalmbach and published monthly by Kalmbach Publishing, this magazine is the oldest devoted to model trains. Its headquarters are in Milwaukee , Wisconsin , United States .

Editorial line

The editorial line of Model Railroader is intended to be general: the various sections of the journal (novelties, model networks, techniques and tests of new products) are made for all scales and all periods . For each issue, an online supplement is available to subscribers (additions to articles, access to the network of satellite networks, etc.) 1 .

Over the course of the year, there are published documentary specials devoted to a particular aspect of railroad or model making ( Great Model Railroads 2 , Track Plans for Model Railroaders 3 …).

Notes and references

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