Museum of the ancient toy

The old toy museum is a French museum located in Echillais , in the southern residential suburb of Rochefort , on the left bank of the Charente , in Charente-Maritime .

Summary Description

It is a small private museum, which is located within the framework of Robesart Castle in the heart of La Limoise district in Echillais.

The museum, which is mentioned in the tourist guide of Petit Futé 1 , can only be visited by appointment and its visit is free.

In Charente-Maritime , it is one of four museums whose theme is based essentially or partially on collections of old toys and all of which have the distinction of belonging to individuals. The other playful museums of the department are, in rural areas, the Lisette Treasures Museum in Archingeay , near Saint-Savinien , and the Atlantrain Museum in Saint-Just-Luzac , near Marennes . They open only in the summer season. The Model Museum is located in La RochelleThe latter is one of the most visited museums in the city, with the advantage of being open all year round.


The museum of the old toy, recommended for the visit by the house of tourism of Charente-Maritime 2 , allows to discover a very rich collection of old toys where are exposed more than 15 000 objects.

It brings together more than fifteen thousand pieces of mechanical miniatures composed by trains, airplanes, motorcycles and cars of different ages and scales, not to mention the collection of pedal cars.

During the visit of this museum, it is possible to notice the historical evolution of the Citroën models , as well as those of the electric trains.

Imaginative scenes of combat have been reconstructed such as the representation of the lead soldiers threatened by the air force, or the Radiguet and Bing boats engaged in a final battle.

In this toy museum, you can also discover a collection of dolls from porcelain dolls from the late xix th century that became historical pieces by their great delicacy of execution, to the dolls of the modern era the sixties with the very first barbies .

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