Norev is a French brand of model car created in September 1945 1 , 2 . The name of the company is the anacyclique (word written backwards) of Véron, name of the three brothers creators of the brand: Paul, Joseph and Émile Véron (the latter will later create Majorette ), and is also a phonetic shortcut of the expression (the toys of) “Our dreams” (of child).


The first productions were simple plastic toys (sewing machines, bottles, watches and finally garages and toy cars to 1/72 th approximately), unrelated to the upcoming production. Following the success of cars Dinky Toys 1/43 th , the firm turns to plastic molding miniature vehicles in 1953 3 .

To limit production costs, the plastic used is tinted in the mass: the rhodialite developed by Rhône-Poulenc and Rhodiaceta 4 , 5 . The first model is the Simca Aronde . This first model is recognizable by its golden metal floor and its famous box illustrated with a rabbit. Then come the Ford Vedette , the Citroën 15 Six , the Panhard Dyna Z and the 4CV ; these first series have rather thin and faithful metallic bumpers but color wheels, unrealistic white tires and a radio antenna for the “luxury” version. These miniatures are sold in box boxes (from 1955), one side of which is illustrated with the model and another with the main characteristics and performances of the model. Among the many models produced, we can mention the 2CV , the 2CV commercial, the 203 , the 403 , the Vedette tow truck, Simca Beaulieu , Chambord , Ariane , SIMCA Miramas, Trianon, Marly Ambulance, …

In the 1960s, Norev reproduced a wide range of passenger vehicles (Peugeot 204 and 404, Citroen 2CV, 3CV, AMI6 …), sports (Maserati Ghibli, Ferrari 246), racing but also utilities (Renault Estafette, Citroen HY), trucks (Berliet TBO car door, tipper, …) and public works machinery (Grader Richier, articulated backhoe crane …). Cardboard boxes are replaced by plinth boxes covered with a rhodoidthen by operculum boxes, known as ear boxes. Diversification attempts with painted models rather than colored in the mass are attempted but without success (some models known as Ford Anglia, Fiat 2300 …). In order to increase sales, Norev produces unglazed cars sold in checkerboard-specific boxes or cardboard boxes pierced with a hole to reveal the color of the vehicle. This will be the Baby series .

The finesse of the engraving, the presence of patches, make these miniatures attractive and because of a low price, they are sometimes ranked in the field of toys. The firm will eventually give up the use of unreliable rhodialite over time (so-called plastic disease that hits brands like Joustra or Gégé .) Norev will also turn to the production of metal miniatures under the name Jet-car after having tried, in the Cométal series, a return to a mix between metal floor and plastic body.The Cométal models are the Renault 4L, the 2CV, the commercial 2CV (one of which advertising version for the champagne house Canard-Duchêneand the VW Beetle). Norev will also start making models at 1/86 th : the famous series of “micro-miniatures” and its variation in metal: the series of “micro-metals”.

The quality and diversity of Norev will grow rapidly. It should be noted that the original models have been taken over and improved and are still produced.

In 1976, the firm sells to the creator of the brand Eligor a few models: Citroën HY, 3CV Fourgonnette, Traction, Rosalie, but also Renault 4CV, Peugeot 203 and 403, Chrysler New Yorker and many others. It is the company LBS, directed by Louis SURBER, who will make the manufacture of these miniatures intended for collectors.

In 1986, the company is taken over by Marc Fischer. After abandoning the production of toys, the model maker will then move towards the market of collectible miniatures then in full swing. Norev produces official replicas of French cars sold by Peugeot and Citroën dealerships ; Peugeot will be the symbol of this new start with the 206. Part of the miniatures sold at Renault also comes from Norev. The company has also reissued the original models that are made in China and sold on subscription.

Miniature collections, sold in large numbers in bookstores, have helped to cushion the creation of new models by selling at lower prices less detailed miniatures but from the same molds as production for traditional trade.

The firm is still active in France in Vaulx-en-Velin (69120) but production is relocated to Southeast Asia . It produces vehicles at scales of:

  • 1/18 th – recent range
  • 1/43 e – as originally
  • 1/64 e – Minijet
  • 1/86 e – as early as 1957 with, from the beginning of the 1970s , a series of metal “micro-metals”

Norev has successfully embarked on the takeover of iconic brands such as CIJ , JRD or Spot On. The company has been made by third-party companies reproductions of Dinky Toyswhich are marketed by Atlas .

Since then, the Norev brand has embarked on road signs, road circuits and agriculture (farm, miniature tractor and farm animal figurines) as a toy.

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