Pixhawk is an independent project that aims to provide high-end, low-cost or reasonable pilot control equipment (autopilot) to university, recreation and industrial user communities. This is an Opensource computer hardware development project (made available or sold under open license ” Creative commons cc-by-sa 3.0″).


  • Pixhawk 1 was a collaboration between the Ardupilot team and the PX4 team . It was funded by 3DRobotics (Lorenz, Mike, Jeff, Craig and others).
  • Pixhawk 2 continued this partnership, but is now managed in the community by Philip Rowse (ProfiCNC)

In 2016, there are many products legally derived from the Pixhawk family, but as Pixhawk is licensed under cc-by-sa 3.0, calling a commercial platform “Pixhawk” is a violation of the license terms if used without permission.

Pixhawk tm is a trademark owned by Lorenz Meier. It is used by ProfiCNC and 3DR with his permission.

Pixhawk-inspired materials may be marketed under the same

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