Railway puzzles

Railway puzzles are games of logic and deduction from the world of railways , using miniature trains . It is then a question of solving a given problem in a minimum of time or maneuvers. There are a number of more or less famous railway puzzles.

Maneuvers against the clock

This type of puzzle comes directly from the actual operation of a railway: it consists in dialing a train by placing a car in a predefined order, and ensuring that the train is in working order. . This must of course be done by respecting a schedule, as well as, possibly, signaling and regulation. This kind of puzzle is done on a miniature network or a railway simulation software .

The Timesaver

Created by John Whitby Allen 1 , the timesaver consists of maneuvering several cars on a pre-established track layout, on as little space as possible 2 . This route includes an avoidance , as well as several sidings with limited lengths. The operator must operate the network taking into account all the constraints. The resolution of maneuvers on a Timesaver has become a test at each convention of the National Model Railroad Association 3 .

Inglenook Sidings

Inglenook Sidings , created by Alan Wright, a railway modeller English , is to conduct maneuvers on parallel service roads to a main track 4 . All the maneuvers are limited in time, and the services to be performed are to be made according to the wagons and service points.

The infernal triangle

Known by other names, this triangle is a real travel puzzle . It involves the interchange of two cars with a locomotive, on a network equipped with limited maneuvering drawers in a minimum of maneuvers.

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