Salza (figurines)

Salza is a French manufacturer of figurines related to cycling sport . The company was founded by Victor Salza in 1947 . He also manufactured soldiers but this production was less than that of cyclists .

Victor Salza was born in 1915 in the province of Viterbo , Italy . He died in France in 1994 .

His brother, Gilbert, founded a similar company in 1951 under the Gyl brand. Its existence was short-lived.

Cycling figures

At first, the figurines are made of aluminum then, plastic . The runners are represented in various postures: arm raised, carrying a bouquet of flowers , as a dancer, grabbing a supply bag , drinking, etc.

Other figurines accompanying the peloton exist: gendarmes , bikers , tankers, car followers, cameramen, etc.

The first cyclists manufactured by Salza are rudimentary and molded in silhouettes. In the early 1950s, a series of 4 runners in 3 dimensions appears. The jerseys are in national or regional colors, the jerseys do not arrive until 1962 . The pieces are sold separately or in series on a cardboard plate sometimes representing sets and accompanied by various characters.

In the early 1960s, plastic cyclists were sold with aluminum bicycles as well as unpainted monoblocs.


Some soldiers in lead trough are manufactured by Salza in 1947 , including Zouaves . He also released military jeeps in 1960 .

The factory

First settled in Marolles-en-Brie ( Val-de-Marne ), she then moved to Villecresnes from 1951 to 1957 , then to Santeny until 1978 , when it closed. The company is then resold but will reopen for a few years at Étaples .


Victor Salza was very meticulous and had the concern to make his pieces as realistic as possible. To do this, he went to the starting lines himself and photographed the jerseys of the runners to reproduce them with fidelity.


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