Scale models

The model is a branch of model making , defined as an activity of leisure consisting of the manufacture and control of scale models to a scale defined reduction.

The model has been the greatest antiquity (Sumerian toys), the novelty of modern times have been in the propulsion means, the sailboats of the xix th century to the Luxembourg Gardens to the electric UAV 2013: man has always found fun to reproduce his environment in a reduced model. So, for example, everywhere you meet cars , you see children having fun with toys that reproduce automobiles , and we meet car modeling enthusiasts all over the world.

Technical constraints related to reproduction

The reduction of a real model to a given scale imposes on model makers sometimes favoring materials and solidity to the detriment of a strict reproduction of reality. For example, a hulled vessel made of sheet steel will actually have a reduced scale hull only a few microns thick: it is therefore necessary to thicken the hull of the model; likewise in rail model making rails and switches are rarely “scaled” (normalization is not carried out following a strict reduction to the scale chosen ).

In the case of a motorized model, the setting up of the necessary organs for the motorization, remote control by radio remote control or the solidity of the model during its displacement, impose some restrictions or infidelities with the original model: a propeller oversized for a aircraft will often be necessary, the fidelity of the reproduction of the interior of the automobile will often be considered as accessory compared to its engine, a steam locomotive will be powered by an electric motor , etc.

However, there are modes of propulsion incorporating the real principles of the prototype, especially in the case of a real model powered by a boiler: trains and boats are the models most often equipped for live steam .

The different forms of modeling

There are different forms of model making, modeled on the different modes of transport.


The model aircraft (or model airplanes) is a form of model that developed in almost complete harmony with the aircraft , it seeks to reproduce at different scales. This can be done statically, with model kits or built from scratch, or with dynamic models, remotely controlled ( radiomodelism ). The launch of Micro Rocket is a branch of air model making.

Model car

The car model or automodélisme is interested in breeding vehicles Road. It may be static modeling, where the models are often small and detailed, and dynamic model, where the motorization is reproduced in miniature controlled by radio waves .

Railway modeling

The model railway juxtapose the two activities that are models and model making : the process is a hobby room while the diorama or network , with its figures and its potential static vehicles, belongs to the field of model making . Arrived through the toy and / or childhood, this filiation produces symbolic compression effects between the toy ( toy train ) and model making, although amateurs often distinguish.

Military modelism

The military model is an entertainment consisting of reproduction to scale data from one or more elements of one or more armed forces ( aircraft , tank , infantry , etc.), staged or not. It can therefore be a single reproduced element or a whole scene reproducing a real or fictional battle.

Naval modeling

The ship model reproduces the vessels at different scales, either in a static aspect, or a dynamic aspect. We find in the model arsenal of study models, some dating back to the xv th century.

Other forms of modeling

The amateur rocketry is a hobby that involves making models of rockets and fly them.

Reproduction of steam engines Non-railway is part of the live steam .

For several years, different models of radiocontrolled sailboats have been developing . Competitions take place on the sidelines of national and international chariot races, as at the 2012 World Championships in Cherrueix 1 .

In the same way as the sailing tanks, the modeling of radio controlled boats of competitions has developed a lot these last years with monohull models, catamarans and even hydroplanes. Their peak speed can sometimes reach more than 80km / h 2 .

Notes and references

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