Schuco is a German toy company, founded in Nuremberg in 1912 by Heinrich Müller and Heinrich Schreyer under the name Spielzeugfirma Schreyer & Co 1 .

It is in 1921 that it abbreviates its initial denomination in “Schuco”. She became famous from the 1930s for her car collections 1 . Initially, the technique of the stamped sheet is the production method, the mechanism technology makes Schuco one of the most sought after brands, very upscale; it is also one of the most expensive.

Today, even though the range of sheet metal toys is still cataloged under the name Schuco classic , the brand mainly produces automobile injection miniatures, especially from German brands such as Mercedes-Benz , Audi , BMW , Opel and Porsche .

Since 1999 Schuco has been part of the German group Simba Dickie Group.

Edited scales


Very popular in Germany but also in France for train networks, Schuco reproduces old and current civil cars, old and new race cars, semi-trailers, delivery trucks, fire engines, police, buses, coaches, motor homes, agricultural vehicles and public works. Schuco also has on this scale the Piccolo range , an old brand with a manufacturing method also old; no glass is plastic, all details are painted on the model.


The most important and most appreciated collector, Schuco has the reputation of reproducing with great precision and detail civil and competition automobiles, but also trucks.


The most recent ladder at Schuco, very upmarket, few models, automobile but also a competition Porsche transport truck makes Schuco a great brand of this scale.


This is the reissue of Schuco models in stamped sheet metal, without scale indicated but most are at 1/24. To meet the demand of many collectors, many of the models before the war and the 1950s are sometimes remade in special series like that of the German Post.


Details allow to recognize the oldest of the most recent such as "made in Germany" before the war, made in US zone for after 1945 and made in Western Germany for the 1980s. The tires of older models are thicker and marked SCHUCO. Values ​​are high for old (examico, auto radio, akustico ...) sometimes several hundred euros, hence the importance of recognizing recent models whose rating is much lower.

The fact that the models are complete (windshield, etc.) is important.

Notes and references

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