Ship model La Bayadère

The Bayadère is a ship model exhibited at the National Maritime Museum in Rochefort . It is a big corvette to fellows (the battery deck is covered at the front and back by fellows) of 22 guns. It was manufactured between 1814and 1817 at the workshop of models of Paris and the workshop of the arsenal of Rochefort according to the plans of François Poncet and Jacques Noël Sané

Description of the model

We can observe an ivory decoration at the bow. The battery deck of the model is removable, which allows to observe the partitions arranged in the sub-deck for the quarters of the second officers and the petty officers. The floor can also be dismantled, which allows to see the ship’s hold 1 . A rig made in 1960 represents the ship being matted.

Historical Notice 2

The model conforms to the 1810 standard plans . Incomplete, this is the only model model to have integrated the Trianon collection. This collection was created under the orders of Napoleon by Jacques Noël Sané between 1810and 1817 .

The original ship, built in 1810 and launched at Rochefort in 1811, was 39 m long and 9 m wide. 143 Men could live there. Only 20 ports were armed, the other two were hunting ports. It was to serve Napoleon to escape to America after his abdication, before he changed his mind and surrendered to the English. This ship participated in several campaigns in Syria , Egypt , Armenia , Greece and Italy , including one in 1917 whose purpose was to map the Banc d’Arguin where the Medusa had been shipwrecked a year earlier, before to be dismantled in Brest in 1833 .

This model was exhibited in 2014 at the Grand Trianon in Versailles on the occasion of the exhibition “Models of the Imperial Navy”

Notes and references

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