Ship model La Flore

La Flore is a ship model exhibited at the Musée National de la Marine in Paris. It is about a frigate of 18 guns realized in 1806 and which reproduces on a reduced scale the frigate of the same name built between 1804 and 1807 in Rochefort according to the plans of Pierre Rolland. The Flora bears witness to the type of frigate built at that time, with more than 146 models of this class built between 1781 and 1813 1 .

Description of the model

The figurehead is a flora with a bouquet of flowers. His foot is supported by a zephyr that blows on him. On the upper side, an ivory net motif is reminiscent of the foal’s protective net . A bell sounded to warn the crew of the time of the meal, the prayer or the presence of mist, is located at the front of the forecastle . The gig commander is suspended at the stern shaped horseshoe 2 . The lack of sails is quite noticeable. This model is also equipped with a lightning rod located at the end of the main mast and a spur. The boat, the eight masts and the spare yards on the deck and part of the deck of poop are removable.

Inside the room below this bridge is an ivory and ebony marquetry which stands in the place of parquet. This floor is both that of the dining room, the room and the work room of the commander. It is also where the commander’s hammock is located. The hammocks of the crew are in the steerage and the false bridge.

Some details are characteristic of shipbuilding during the First Empire : the brigantine has horn, and a lifeline is located inside the round shape of the boom 3 .

Technical characteristics of the model

  • Dimensions 4 : 169 cm x 56 cm x 124 cm
  • Materials: wood ( ebony or stained wood), ivory or bone, copper, brass (artillery), vegetable fiber (rope)
  • Scale: 1/48

Technical characteristics of the ship

  • Dimensions 5 : 46,96 m (length of the bow to the stern ) x 11.85 x 6.19 m (hollow top of the keel to the straight line of the midship ) for a draft before 4.87 m and 5.52 m rear
  • Armament: 28 guns £ 18 (6 on the quarter deck and 2 on the forecastle), 4 howitzers of £ 36
  • Ships: Commander’s Ship
  • Workforce: 350 men


This model was exhibited at the Ducal Palace of Lucca (Italy) on the occasion of the exhibition Napoleon and Hermes (from December 5, 2009 to March 14, 2010) and at the Grand Trianon in Versailles for the exhibition Models of the Imperial Navy. La Flore is part of the Trianon collection built under the orders of Napoleon by Jacques-Noël Sané and that she integrated in 1828. She is exposed since December 4, 2002 at the National Museum of the Navy in Paris 6 .

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