Solido (model making)

Solido is a French brand of miniature vehicles.


In 1919, Ferdinand de Vazeilles created the Nanterre Precision Foundry, which became one of the most renowned in Europe for the die casting of special materials applied to cars and aviation ( cylinder head , carburetor , etc.). ).


He has the idea in 1930 to use the injected metal to make technical toys that until then were mostly sheet metal. He thinks it is a guarantee of robustness and gives the name of Solido to the first vehicles that are made in zamac and come out in 1933 . These are transformable toys and not miniature reproduction of real vehicles.

The Solido entity was created in 1937 and is dedicated only to zamak toys.

The construction elements are the bodywork, the chassis on which the axles are inserted (motorized or not by spring motor) and fixed by two screws to the bodywork.


It was in 1957 that Solido starts making models of real sports cars to classical scale of 1/ 43 th : the first model is the Jaguar Le Mans with axles mounted on a leaf spring giving the impression of a real suspension.

In 1960 , Solido launched a “military series” which will subsequently be a great success. One of the peculiarities of certain vehicles is that the articulated tracks are also made of thin pieces of zamak.

From the 1960s , Solido’s sports models gradually abandoned the toy side where the quality of reproduction was less important than the playful aspect, for a very realistic production of prototypes like 24 hours of Le Mans , respecting shapes and proportions cars, through the frequent use of copies of factory drawings provided by the builders.

In 1970 , the “Golden Age” series reproduced luxury vehicles from the interwar period. A Prestige series in scale 1/ 18 e appears in the 1980s .

Successive purchases

The company is bought by Majorette in 1980 . In 1993, the group Majorette Solido was bought by Ideal leisure and in 1998 by the group Triumph Adler. In 2003, she will join the Smoby group . In 2006, the 89 employees at Oulins ( Eure-et-Loir ) closed its doors and production was relocated to Asia. In 2008, Majorette Solido was taken over by the MI 29 fund and in 2010 by the German group Simba Dickie (Smoby’s parent company).

In 2015, following the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Simba Dickie entrusted the Solido brand to the Breton company Z Models Distribution, which until now had produced its own 1 / 18th resin models under the OttOmobile and GT Spirit brands. The production is now made in Bangladesh and the collection is now turning to 1/18 scale.

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