Tomica is a collection of miniature vehicles produced by Takara Tomy ( Japan ).

The scale is the 3 inches, traditional scale in this type of product.

Tomica has long been one of Japan’s favorite “under” brands and still is.

Today in 2010, there is a wide range of 140 models, not to mention the special series, the high-end series Tomica Limited not to mention the boxes and the series HyperRescue (which is also a cartoon)

You can also create your own city thanks to a wide range of accessories (street and sidewalk plates, street lights, traffic lights).

The brand, based exclusively Asian exports in 2010 these products in Europe and especially in France and Spain.

We find mainly vehicle packs, “playsets” of roads, gas station, garages including the famous Honda garage but prices remain rather high for the brand to break into Europe (about twenty euros for the products mentioned above). ).

No special series vehicles are sold individually, but the basic range is still available separately (140 different models).

There are also electric trains, rather realistic and affordable (the train costs 8 euros and does not need a controller, the train moves by itself) to create a giant city !! The range is called Plarail. This sub brand was marketed in France for a very short period, around the beginning of the 2000s. Today, in 2010, they are again marketed in Europe and France.

The 140 models of the classic range are renewed periodically. The first six were produced in 1970, leaving the collection to grow later. At that time, the yellow and black hardback boxes were close to the packaging of the competing brand Matchbox . Since 1984, each model is sold in a typical red and white box, taking a drawing of the vehicle concerned.

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