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Vendée Miniature is a miniature museum in Bretignolles-sur-Mer , in the Vendée department . This miniature village was founded by Marie-Françoise and Yves Aubron. The Vendée Miniature museum is a reconstruction at the scale 1/10 th of a real village in the Vendée 1920 Vendée Miniature is one of the most beautiful villages of France miniature[not neutral] .

In this village of miniatures, many scenes of the Vendée life are represented: the hype, the wedding maraîchines, the conscripts, the market, the Sundays with the church, the school. The station of Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre has been reproduced with its unique miniature steam train that goes around the village. The museum includes 650 miniatures all handmade with more than 30 trades and shops. All characters, props and buildings are made with real materials.

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